Finally, Crab For Dinner

I almost let the day go by without sticking to the blogging challenge I took on a few days ago.

The big news is that George and the boat arrived home today. Even bigger news is that he finally decided, after catching thousands of pounds of Dungeness crab this year, to cook and crack a few of them for us.

Not that I blame him; we do have a home addition to pay for, after all!

I panicked a bit at Jazzercise this morning when I couldn’t find my iPod. Fortunately, I did have my iPhone, and my wonderful friend Danita had taught me how to use it to teach in case of any emergency.

Well, that emergency happened this morning, so thank goodness for Danita and the iPhone. I do have a back-up CD in my car in case anything goes wrong, but the routines are from about 2005 and I’m not sure I’d remember them.

Off I go to eat fresh Dungeness crab caught by people I love.


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