Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary, G.

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to my pirate/commercial fisherman husband, George (aka “G”).

The best anniversary gift in the world is your arrival in port tomorrow afternoon after an extraordinarily long (four months? five months?) halibut and blackcod longline season. We will watch you cruise into the harbor or wave to you from our front deck as you steam across the bay. In any event event, we will be smiling like crazy!

Eight years of marriage (and ten years of companionship) is amazing. You are the only man with whom I’ve never become sick, tired, or bored.

You impress and amaze me everyday, and I have nothing but love, respect, and awe for you!

Thanks for the life we’ve made, in spite of it all. We love you! See you tomorrow!!


  1. Hey Jen,

    Great wedding pictures! You were right. Our wedding party attire was pretty much the same! Glad G is coming home tomorrow. See you at Jazzercise!


    • Ha! Thanks, Katie!! I couldn’t believe the similarity! I found these old pics on G’s Facebook page, if you can believe it. I can’t believe he is coming home tomorrow. Get ready for a super freak out hyper excited off the wall giddy workout tomorrow!!! LOL! (At least, on my part. I’m sure Deanna will maintain her usual composure and dignity).

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