Happy Halloween!

Some time ago, Eva informed me she wanted to be a kitty for Halloween.

“That is so sweet,” I thought. I immediately went online and researched girl’s kitty costumes.


I did not expect to find what I found. Headband ears, long tails, short sequined skirts and racy tights, modeled by young girls, was not exactly the look I had in mind for my four-year-old.

I searched throughout the night and eventually found a costume in line with our needs: an innocent, sweet, furry, little girl’s kitty costume (pictured on Eva below).

I was a bit taken aback that it took no time at all to find a kitty costume a playmate might wear (even though my search specifically mentioned “child”), but quite a bit of searching to find a kitty costume a small child might wear.

No matter.

I was in tears this evening when I watched my Eva and Vincent trick-or-treat door-to-door for the very first time. Last year, we went to our small downtown to trick or treat at local businesses. This year, Eva opted out of that in favor of the neighborhood door-to-door. She couldn’t wait to have Vincent go up and ring our neighbors’ doorbells, then stand back with him and sing “Trick or Treat!”

Most of you know that I struggled with infertility before I was blessed with the miracle of Eva, and then Vincent. I never dreamed I would be so surprised, so lucky, to have children to take to parades or dress up for Halloween.

As I watched my two precious babies cross the streets with Daddy, ring bells, and look back at me for encouragement, I was overcome with love and gratitude.

Speaking of Daddy, he goes back to work tomorrow. He’s not going to sea yet, but he will be at the harbor every day with the crew getting ready for the Dungeness crab season. We do not want him to start work again, but I just keep reminding myself that at least we can visit the harbor and he is still in cell coverage.

Happy Halloween, all.



  1. Those young’uns look great,we didn’t have any come to the house tonight as our VFD passes out candy and we are doing a haunted hay ride(lots less work than setting up a haunted house)I didn’t go help as I always worry about our cats on Halloween and try to get them all in the house plus Shelly had bought this huge bag of assorted candy bars that needed attention.

    If George is like the rest of us he is looking foward to crab season but sad that he will be gone from family again.

    • I think a haunted hay ride sounds far better than a haunted house! And more fun, too. LOL about the huge bag of candy bars that needed attention. Indeed! That was the theme around our neighborhood, too. Everyone had huge bags of candy for like seven trick or treaters who came by. I think G is looking forward to the season; he’s optimistic about what’s out there but of course not crossing fingers on any kind of a price!

    • Well thanks, Mom! Thanks for the nice words on this stormy fall morning! Eva said the best part about Halloween was Grandpa trying to trick her with the bag of carrots for her treat! Hilarious.

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