Happy New Year!

One of my Christmas presents this year (in addition to two extra magazines for my Walther PPS and a little something from the “Secret” store at the mall) was a nice, inexpensive desktop computer that will be a lot faster and more efficient than my current desktop computer.

I spent today saving various files to disc that included infant Eva videos, old essays I’ve written, and a variety of pictures. I found many pictures from around the time G and I met ten years ago. Some of the pictures I laughed at, some I cringed at, and some I wished I could go back and re-live…or at least look like again.

It’s not our ten-year wedding anniversary, but it’s the ten-year anniversary from the time we met and there are so many memories to go with it. I can’t believe it’s only been ten years…two fishing boats, two houses (one at a time, of course!), two children, two dogs, friends, little trips, good seasons, bad seasons, the ups, and the downs. Feels like a lot.

Anyway. I found the above “Good Choice-Bad Choice” picture on one of my Facebook friend’s profiles. I grabbed it to post here.

What will my Good Choices be in the new year? What are the Bad Choices I regret from the past year?

There are a couple personal “habits” of mine that reared their ugly heads this last year that I hope to reign in next year. I want my children to continue to be as happy, snuggly, and active next year as they were last year. I hope to continue to let negative things and people go and embrace the positive. I hope that I will continue to forgive and be forgiven. I hope I will write instead of go on Facebook when I have the chance. I hope G has as great of a crab season this year as he did last year, and that when he goes longlining, the season will go fast and not slow.

I also hope that when we have both cheese and chips in the house, I will choose to not make nachos for “everyone” and then eat them myself. Ha!

Wishing the very best to you in the New Year. Love you all!

Ten Years Ago on New Year's Eve 2000

Ten Years Later on Christmas Eve 2010


  1. Happy New year Jen, the years do seem to fly by,this Jan
    will mark our 27th year of living together and last month was our
    19th wedding anniversary and I hope that y’all will be able to look
    back and have many great memories after that long like we do.I
    wouldn’t change a thing except I would have quit smoking then. As
    you well know life as a commercial fishing family has lots of highs
    and lows and I look back fondly at even the bad times Shelly and I
    had as they bonded us together even stronger. A old timer told me
    one time that in this business “sometimes you think you will get
    rich, but you wont and sometimes you think you are going to starve,
    but you wont” and he has been right. God bless you and

  2. Oh my gosh, look what ten years of marriage, children and
    alcohol does to us. Just imagine what the picture will look like in
    another 10 years. Very cute family picture!

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