Is This What Empty Nesters Do? (via My Silly Monkeys)

One of my best friends of 30 years, Beth, has *finally* started a blog. She is an excellent writer and an astute observer of the human condition—whatever that condition may be, and whomever it may belong to.

I’ve been struggling lately with the thought of leaving my 3-and-4-year-olds for the first time EVER, for two nights, at the end of July.

Beth’s post on the subject made me smile and feel braver. Check it out!

Once upon a time, two knights in shining armor galloped in on their white horses and rescued a damsel in distress. Okay, really it was Saturday evening, the knights were my parents, the horses were their Nissan Maxima, and the damsel in distress, well, that was me. You see, Nana and Papa came to my rescue because, as the title of my blog points out, I am on the brink.  On the brink of almost but not quite enough time, on the brink of conquering t … Read More

via My Silly Monkeys


  1. The newly empty nesters down here miss the “boys” and their messes and wait for phone calls asking for money for more college expenses. One little bird has come home for the summer and the nest IS REALLY messy again and it’s a good feeling.

    • I believe it! Although it’s tough, I’m in no hurry for these little ones to grow up. I love listening to Vincent get up in the morning; his first words are always “My Mama? Where my mama?” and every night, Eva asks me “If I sleep in my own bed for a little bit, can I come sleep with you, Mommy?” They break my heart!

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