Jen’s Favorites of the Week

Jen’s Favorites of the Week

1. Foursquare. Love annoying my two sisters, brother-in-law, and friend John with where I’m at and what I’m doing each day. Foursquare allows me to announce and spout off about things that my Twitter and Facebook friends couldn’t care less about.

2. The fact that when George isn’t fishing, he goes to the Sea Life Center in Alaska so he can sit and look at fish.

3. Holding my babe on the couch. Because Vincent had a fever and a cough and couldn’t attend Easter festivities, I held him for three hours on Sunday like I used to do when he was an infant. (Eva got to attend Easter festivities at Grandma and Grandpa’s).  Not happy the kids are sick, but grateful I get to tend to them.

4.  Allison, my amazing babysitter/friend, who braved the kids’ illness  and came over this week so I could run errands that had to be run.

5.  Being honest. Although people may disagree, it feels good to move forward no longer wondering.

My sweet, sick, sleeping baby boy on Easter.


    • I know it! I do love dropping everything to snuggle with sleeping sick little ones on the couch…though I admit the crying, demanding, and general unhappiness when they are up and sick is not too much fun!! Honesty is def. the best policy. Just cut to the chase, put it on the table. Agree to disagree and move forward in some sort of harmony rather than frustration or confusion!

  1. Honesty is always best,when I got my first computer 6 years ago I joined a few discussion forums and party poker,one main one at never lied or even fudged on the truth and made a lot of friends,eight of which have been here to visit and crab with me several times each,one group even bought airline tickets and paid for the hotel,flew Shelly and I up for a get together they had,pretty cool as I only knew them from the internet.

    We had no young’uns this year for Easter for the first time,all the nieces and nephews are grown now,I missed it too,no Easter eggs BUT ole Ronnie still got his Easter basket full of chocolate.

    I get to do things different than George,we are shedding soft shell blue crabs right now and have 16 4 by 8 vats with salt water recirculating through them and have about 4000 small crabs right now to go look at and play with.

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