Jen’s Favorites of the Week

Caillou's friends: (Back) Clementine, Sarah - ...

Sweet Caillou. Reminds me of my little Vincent.

Jen’s Favorites of the Week

  1. The response to my last post. Wow! I never expected so many “hits” on a fun, off-the-cuff entry. Thank you to Beth and her almost-500 Facebook friends who were responsible for many of the clicks!
  2. The new logo I designed, which can be seen below. Something new, something different.
  3. Going to the library and getting the children library cards, as well as checking out books and two PBS Caillou DVDs.
  4. Ordering some wonderful new and updated books on writing. Posting a ten-year collection of writing books on Craig’s List. (By the way, if you are a Highliners and Homecomings reader and would like one of those books for free, send me a note and I will e-mail you the list of available titles!)
  5. Captain G due in on Tuesday of this week, which also happens to be our 8th wedding anniversary.
  6. My little sister’s baby shower this Sunday! I can’t wait to celebrate the impending arrival of my brand new niece!
  7. In one more shout out to Beth, I found out about the Top Mommy Blog site through her blog. While Highliners and Homecomings is not technically a “Mommy Blog,” we still qualify for votes. Click on this link to vote for us!


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