Like Father and Grandfather…Son.

The kids and I have gotten off to a decent enough start here at home since George left for the halibut and blackcod season.We’re just following our usual protocol; taking things nice and easy when we can, and allowing plenty of time for snuggles and getting used to Dad being gone again.

My son, Vincent, is a rather easy-going fellow and exceedingly sweet. The only time he makes his feelings known is when you suggest he do something he does NOT want to do. Like, for example, get dressed in the morning. He attends Jazzercise most mornings in his polar bear jammies and dinosaur boots. I finally decided a while ago that it wasn’t worth battling over that early on in the day!

Some of his stubborn nature can be attributed to the fact that he’s two years old.

My dad mentioned another likely cause: Vincent’s German and Croatian ancestry.

The German comes from George’s side, and the Croatian fishing heritage is from mine. Both Vincent’s father and grandfather are fishing captains (as well as his late great-grandfather).  Like all captains, they are independent, stick to their ideas, and do exactly what they want. Period!

One exciting bit of news from Alaska is that professional East Coast photographer David Hills is on board our boat and will be shooting some amazing photos of longline halibut and blackcod fishing. It’s a real privilege to have him on board, and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with.

David’s hobby is shooting commercial fishing photos, which you can view here. His professional client list includes ABC, Bloomberg Television, The Atlantic, Food & Wine, AT&T, Money, and National Fisherman, just to name a few. You can view his professional website here.

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