Mother’s Day–Thank You.

Being the mother in a commercial fishing family is an interesting endeavor. You’re here, you’re there, you’re up, you’re down, you’re winning, you’re losing…it’s hard to keep up.

I’m going to go ahead and keep it real. Last night, I was in tears. Why? I was a bit sad, because my husband informed me he’d be fishing more IFQs than usual this year, which means he’ll be gone even longer than usual. This was on top of a similar pronouncement a few months ago.

Then I woke up this morning and I was in tears again. Why? I was surprised and happy! I had a “Happy Mother’s Day” balloon waiting for me that was bigger than my two-year old, a vase of purple tulips on our dining room table, and two cards: one from George, and one from the kids and dogs.

This morning at Sunday School, the kids made Mother’s Day cards with their handprints on them. Of course, I welled up again. And then, while watching the Cold Case finale today, I shed a few more tears.

Eva wanted to know why Mommy keeps crying.

I hugged Eva and explained that sometimes when we love people so much it makes us cry. I told her that she and her brother were my little angels and all I ever wanted, along with their daddy who always does his best, whether or not Mommy understands it all. Sometimes people are so grateful it fills them up and spills over.

Happy Mother’s Day, ALL! (Especially to my own commercial fishing mom, who is spending the next three weeks in Hawaii with my dad. Nice!)

Here are two pictures of our day, along with the poem that was inside the handprint card my babes gave to me.

Thank You

I Love You Bunches, Mom!

(A poem from the kids’ Sunday School)

I miss you when we’re not together

I’m growing up so fast.

See how big I’ve gotten

Since you saw me last?

As I grow, I’ll change a lot,

They years will fly right by.

You’ll wonder how I grew so quick

When and where and why?

So save this card in a safe place,

And take it out each year.

The memories will come back of me,

When I was small and dear.


  1. The poem had me in tears. Cute. We need to get together again before George leaves. This time at our house for a BarBQ. Jack and Peggy in Hawaii? Why not us?

  2. Hope you had a good Mothers day Jen ,tears and all.
    Next Sat will be 12 years since I lost my Mom to breast cancer and we are always a little sad this time of year but we also celebrate it as our anniversary since it was our first “date”.

    Shelly had a great day I think,I was on the water untill 6:30 but her daughters carried her to Olive Garden for lunch and then to the local bar,they brought her home about dark and straight to bed,too much wine so it looks like I get the midnight and the 3 am fish up for softshells tonight

    • Ronnie, you are always so funny. I am so glad that Shelly was carried to lunch and the local bar! LOL! That sounds like a great Mother’s Day, too! I’m also sorry for the loss of your mom and that the day brings a touch of sadness along with the joy. When you get done with this round of fishing you guys should head out and celebrate that first date!

  3. Glad you had such a great mothers day even though it was on the emotional side! It was a really fun weekend all around with that sun out.

    • It was a great sunny weekend! What a special day it was yesterday. G really surprised me with the flowers, etc., because all I’d asked for was–and I’m not kidding–the gift of “time” with him and the kids as an entire family. The cards he chose were hilarious, too. You’ll have to see them!

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