My Discussion with a Salmon Farmer (via The Fishing Blues)

My fellow commercial fishing family blogger Robin Blue has posted her unedited and interesting back-and-forth with a B.C. salmon farmer on her blog, The Fishing Blues. Check it out!

My Discussion with a Salmon Farmer A little while back I wrote a post about sea lice infestations in salmon farms, with my main point being that open-net salmon pens can (probably) never work out environmentally, and that the only safe solution is to improve the on-land closed containment systems. A couple weeks ago, a salmon farmer from BC posted a comment in reply to my sea lice post, claiming I needed to do more research.  I was willing to hear him out, so I investigated his cl … Read More

via the fishing blues


    • Hmmm. I’ve really had to think about this one, lol. A little of both, I guess! Lots of things I did better this year than last year…plenty to improve upon…actually, thinking about that for the New Year’s blog post! I hope you and S had a wonderful Christmas as well!!

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