My Favorite Summer Memory (Plinky)

I’ve been so excited about discovering Plinky that I thought I’d better attempt my first reply to a prompt.

One of my favorite summer memories–among many–is from childhood, when my parents rented a condo (Solimar Sands) in Santa Barbara each summer.

Mom drove my sisters and me all the way south to California by herself in our red Subaru station wagon, and we excitedly moved into our new digs for the week. We got to eat mini-boxes of cereal and watch Price is Right each morning, then spent our afternoons alternating between swimming in the condo pool and boogie boarding in the Pacific Ocean across the street.

Dad arrived to the condo as soon as he was finished fishing for halibut and blackcod in Alaska, and then our family summer vacation was complete.

We also ate chocolate croissants, windsurfed, and visited our Carpinteria cousins, who introduced us to the tastiness of barbecued tri-tip and let us ride their old horse.


  1. I just looked up solimar sands a couple weeks ago and their prices are great. I told mom ” I will get back there someday”.

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