My Prophetic Dream

Most of you know by now that I spent last weekend at a writer’s conference. I’d been planning to attend the Conference for the past two years, but I was not ready last year.

This year, I was ready and prepared with a folder of information I planned to present to two agents and one editor during my non-fiction book pitch. The folder included my business card, my thirty-second verbal pitch, my one-sentence book description, the synopsis, and two sample chapters.

It’s no secret that I suffer from serious anxiety that can be rather debilitating, and I’ve been both blessed and cursed with extremely vivid dreams. Of course, I didn’t sleep well the night before I left for the Conference, and had a first-class nightmare to send me off on my big weekend.

In the dream, my first agent appointment had been moved from 11 a.m. to 9 a.m., but nobody told me. Fortunately, I had arrived early for the appointment, so I was ready. Unfortunately, the agent took one look at me, decided I was lame, and told me she didn’t want to hear my pitch. She talked with me for five minutes and then sent me on my way. I convinced her to take my folder of information, which she grudgingly accepted.

Later that day I was sitting in a chair at the Conference and looked up to see a movie mockery of my pitch playing on a big screen, which the agent had put together. Other Conference attendees sitting around me were watching the movie, laughing about how stupid an idea my pitch was!

Next in the dream, right before my 3:20 p.m. appointment with an editor, I somehow ended up in a taxi that took me far from conference center. I begged the taxi driver to turn around so I could make my appointment, but she refused.

I called everyone I knew to come get me and take me back to the Conference, but of course couldn’t reach anyone. And to make matters worse, during the course of the Conference, I couldn’t get on any elevators, had my make-up all screwed up, and bought a new car in the middle of it all.


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  1. You sound like one of those people who MUST be prepared for any possible outcome (I am one of those dillusional people, too). And I laughed when I read this blog because I so relate! I certainly hope your dream wasn’t “Prophetic”. I doubt that it was. :)

    • Thank you both; you are so funny. I appreciate your comments very much! I was rather blown away by that crazy dream; while understandably nervous for the conference, I certainly didn’t realize HOW anxious I’d become!

      This was the first time I’d ever been away from my kids in almost five years, so that was another cause of anxiety.

      As for the conference itself, it was a wonderful and liberating experience. The last time I’d attended was almost ten years ago, so it was interesting to go back and notice the changes.

      I did make my three pitches to two agents and one editor. I’m currently reviewing and implementing some final edits on additional chapters to send to each. I felt relieved that they did request the follow-up work.

      Once I send the additional pages, I’ll really be sweating as I wait to hear whether it’s a go or a no.

      The most embarrassing thing I did at the conference was fling my iPhone halfway across the room after I was done pitching to the second agent. I was so relieved it was over and happy it went well that I moved too quickly and the darn thing just flew away.

      My parents and the childrens’ awesome, blessed babysitter (Allison) took care of the little ones while I was gone, and my sister and brother-in-law came with me to the Hilton to take care of yours truly, lol.

    • I did actually decide to go next year, too, even if I’m not pitching anything :-). We had a good laugh over it all. “Thanks, G!” Then, since the baby crib I used for five years with two kids had a total recall (SCARY), the three of us stopped off with my “free crib rebate” and got S and R a brand new crib for their own babe. The weekend was a win-win for all! :-)

    • Thank you for the comment! I love that you are a therapist who works with dreams and a writer to boot. I thought it was a text-book case of plain old anxiety and was surprised at the way the dream just kept going and going! Hadn’t experienced one quite like that before! :-)

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