One Step Closer to the New Desk

George has spent the last month down at the harbor where the boat has been hauled out in dry dock. In addition to painting when thunder storms aren’t raging, G has been hard at work installing a brand new auto pilot, new engine controls, a shaft alley bilge pump, and miscellaneous other projects.

George is a genius at reading manuals, understanding assembly, and has amazing spacial reasoning skills. I’ve never seen a project he couldn’t (or didn’t) complete whether it was remodeling a bathroom, leveling a yard, putting trim on a basement, or figuring out taxes and crew shares.

Even so,  he wasn’t thrilled when my new “Manager’s Desk” was delivered recently… in a million pieces.

“I’m pretty tired of manuals and assembling things,” he said. Considering what he’s been doing on the boat all month, who could blame him?

Here’s where we are:


  1. This is one of those areas where I feel so lucky because Shelly has her own tool box and wouldn’t think of asking me untill she had tried herself,(26 years together will do that)that said,tell George “good luck” for me.

    • You know, I actually do have my own toolbox, provided to me by my mom when I first moved out of the family home! She’s a go-getter as well and tries everything herself first before asking for help. I love that tool box, but use it mostly to hang pictures and most recently, to screw on my new “Jazzercise” license plate frame on my car. Come to think of it, I did assemble the kids’ easel/chalkboard by myself while G was crabbing last winter…maybe I should give the desk a shot, lol!

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