Performance Review

While the kids were at gymnastics and George was painting the boat the other day, I came up the great idea to reclaim my desk.

This is a desk that, when we were a couple without children, used to hold court in a room encased by bright pink walls (that I painted) in the quaint 1940s house we used to own.

Since we moved to a more modern house and have had two children, that desk has served as a horizontal surface upon which to stack clean and folded laundry in Vincent’s room.

I decided to set up that old desk in the corner of our living room. I found my three-hole punch, stapler, paper weight, binder clips, reporter’s notebooks, and set them all back up in their former places.

I thought the setup was great until George returned home from the harbor. He liked the idea and agreed I needed space to pay bills and work on my writing, but he didn’t like the look of the specific desk in the space.

He offered to buy me a new desk. I did some research and chose a reasonably-priced piece of furniture called the “Manager’s Desk.” I told him once the desk was purchased, assembled, and ready for use, the “Manager” (me) would be calling him in for a performance review. Not to worry, I said. It’ll just be a review on things he’s doing well and things he needs to improve upon….lol.

Here are a couple of pics of my “old” desk. I don’t think it looks that bad!


  1. Not nearly cluttered up enough,take another picture 2 months from now,if it still looks like that then you need it more for folding laundry.
    I do still have enough room to sit a coffee cup on mine,note pad has to go on top off other stuff,Shelly says I built a nest in here.

    • Ha ha, what you’ve described is the exact desk that G maintains in his downstairs office! I have a “touch” of OCD so I tend to keep things pretty tidy, a little too much in G’s opinion! My current desk has lots of cubbies to hold stuff out of sight which really helps. We shall see what the Manager’s desk will turn out like, other than being a good place from which to direct my employees, lol!

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