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I recently wrote an article for National Fisherman magazine (December 2010) regarding the communication, support, and networking that takes place among the commercial fishing community on Facebook. I wrote about how we all, from West Coast to East Coast, have the ability to communicate through Facebook friendships, groups, causes, and pages.

This morning, I found out via Facebook that one of my writing mentors and the inspiration behind The Deadliest Catch (and my primary source for a National Fisherman feature on the Elbow Room bar), Spike Walker, just suffered a massive heart attack.

Many of you just saw Spike at Pacific Marine Expo signing copies of his brand new book.

Commercial Fisherman’s Festival, a group on Facebook, posted the original notice about Spike’s health and also provided the address to which you can send Spike a get well card. Here is part of the original message:

Commercial Fishermen’s Festival

My long time good buddy and famous author who wrote the book that inspired Deadliest Catch (Working on the Edge) Spike Walker recently suffered a heart attack that came close to taking his life. He is doing well but sounds weak but grateful to be alive. He’s recovering in a hospital….

Get well cards can be mailed directly to Spike at the hospital. Send me a comment if you want the address to send the kind and generous Spike Walker some encouragement.


  1. Hey! Can I please get his mailing address. I’ve been a fan since the 1st book. Just finished the last. It’s very good (And I am a 13 year Unalaskan!)

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