Ta-Da…My New Desk!

I was incredibly honored today to find I’d been included in a list entitled “Writers to Check Out”  by none other than Christina Katz, the author of Writer Mama, Get Known Before the Book Deal, and the e-book Author Mama. This is a huge surprise! My most sincere thanks to Christina; this is no small thing, and I am so very grateful!

We are actually leaving tomorrow to “find the sun.” Of course, now that we’ve actually planned a small get-away to get out of the rain, the weather here is supposedly going to be sunny and hot. We shall see. I won’t believe it until I hear about it!

Before we left, I thought I’d let all inquiring minds know that my new desk–called the Manager’s Desk–has finally been assembled. I decided that instead of giving George one more thing to do, I’d ask a good friend of our family to come help a girl out. He came over and got the thing set up in record time.  Not many 26-year-olds can actually decipher manuals and assemble things quickly and correctly these days, so thank you, John! Your work is much appreciated by this mommy writer and I feel awesome each time I sit down at my new desk.

Now, like any good Manager would do, I’ll need to compile performance reports for my employees—otherwise known as my family. How does one evaluate the performance of a three-year-old, a four-year-old, and a husband? Actually, come to think of it, I believe it’s me who is the employee! Sure hope they don’t evaluate me anytime soon! :-)

Freshly painted combo fishing vessel, Vis. (Rhymes with "fleece.")

Yes, I set the glass of wine there on purpose this time! :-)

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