The Day So Far Told in Third Person (Plinky)

Per the Plinky prompt….

Jen’s morning was just fine. She woke earlier than her children and sat in her extra wide and extra soft and extra comfy rocking recliner to watch the news as she enjoyed her mug of coffee. She got dressed in her gear to teach Jazzercise, then took a moment to log onto iTunes and alter her set.

Jen’s children, Eva and Vincent, woke moments later, so she got their milk and morning treats ready, then set her little ducklings down in the same chair to watch an episode of Nursery Rhymes as she finished getting ready in peace.

They left home–on time–and Jen taught her Jazzercise class. She felt tired because she hadn’t slept well all weekend and was preoccupied with the events which lead her and the children to spend the entire holiday weekend out of their own house.

She lives in a nice neighborhood, but alas, nice neighborhoods are often targeted for scams by unseemly characters. And unfortunately, Jen can be naive.

After a trip to the Estee Lauder cosmetic counter and a visit to Bath & Body today, Jen went to the police department to deliver a handwritten thank you note to the officer who helped her and to fill out a permit for a concealed weapon (per her husband’s request).

She’s actually really excited about the pink 9 mm her husband said he’d buy for her when he gets home. She’s also excited about the women’s personal safety and gun training class for which her friend signed her all up.

Jen is grateful for her family, her friends, and the police. She and her children will sleep very well tonight!

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    • I know it. I was hesitant at the idea, but when I discovered they come in pink and I had a qualified female to mentor me (as well as George’s help), I became excited. We shall see.

  1. Jen,do you and family a favor and get a hammerless model,this is not just for show or to feel safe and I hope the time never comes for you to have to pull it out but if you do then you don’t need a hammer catching on things in your purse or pocket.

    • I just e-mailed the gal and asked her if the model she recommended was hammerless. Thanks for the tip! I don’t know anything about any of it. Even as far as G goes, I just maintained ignorance when he got all involved with the uh, community. I was totally against it. Now, I can see where some education and some training would be helpful, even if I never use it, which I most likely will not!

  2. Hope you know how to use it! Love the pink, nothing like adding a lady’s touch to soemthing so masculine. I hope you never have to use it.

    • I’m taking a very extensive, professional course taught by our County’s leading gun-toting woman. I will never need to use it. Just good to have the knowledge.

  3. I must say that taking a class or two is great. This is one fine example as to why this country is so great. You can own a gun, learn how to use it and more than likely never have to use it for defense. You got to the great USA.

    • I totally agree. I think overcoming fear and gaining knowledge on how to protect myself and family is great, but as you said, I will likely NEVER use it. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s a good idea. If I’m going to be here alone in a big house month after month after month with two small children and no back-up, I need to create my own back up and learn additional safety defense strategies. I don’t want to feel alone and scared ever again!

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