The Past Week in Pictures

The last week has been absolutely crazy. Christmas shopping, little girl birthday parties, a trip to the E.R., a gymnastics performance, preparing Christmas cards, and the installation of new hardwoods and remodeling the master bedroom closet. Here’s a  journey through the past week via photographs taken with my phone every step of the way.

A frightening gash produced by flying headfirst into the edge of a headboard.

The late trip to the Emergency Room did not make Vincent happy.

Five stitches and two popsicles later, we head home after midnight.

Back at 'em the next day for Eva's Fifth Birthday Party at the Roller Rink.

Popcorn, Pizza, Prizes, Cake, Ice Cream, Skating and Friends...

Eva as the Birthday Princess at ballet.

Our worn out little guy fell asleep on the bathroom floor...

Absolutely loving the new hardwoods and remodeled closet!

The newly five-year old Eva in her ballet costume and Xtra Tuffs.

Baby cousin Autumn and family watching Eva and Vincent's gymnastics show.

My precious babies, all smiles after completing the show.

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