The Star-Crossed Lovers (Plinky Prompt)

Prompt: Build romantic tension with a scene between two star-crossed lovers. Write a passage in the style of a romance novel.

After nearly four months without her husband, the thirty-something mother of two starts making plans for the reunion that is soon to come.

“I’ll be home in two weeks,” her husband said the last time they spoke.

Two weeks? So much to do! She looks forward to all of the preparations.

First, she needs to get her hair styled. There won’t be enough time to get it colored, but she can have the layers sharpened and reshaped.

Next, she’ll redo all the bedding. It’s time for a new bedding set, anyway, and she has a gift card she can use toward the purchase.

She’ll make sure all the floors are vacuumed and scrubbed, and the bathrooms sanitized and spotless. The windows will be smudge-free, and the television and shelves will be dusted.

On the morning her man is due to arrive, the wife and mother will get up and teach Jazzercise. Endorphins ignited and running, she’ll race home following class to hop in the shower.

Now clean and smelling of Moonlight Path, she’ll apply glitter shadow to her eyes, glitter gloss to her lips, and spray a couple shots of Beautiful perfume by Estee Lauder on her neck.

“Come on, Ducklings!” she’ll call to her children.

They’ll get into the car and drive to the harbor, turning into the cold storage facility where the family fishing vessel will be unloading the halibut and blackcod catch.

First, she’ll spot the cold storage workers.

Then, she’ll see her husband. He’ll be wearing a black baseball cap, carrying a backpack, and sporting Carhaart cargo work pants.

She can never resist Carhaart work pants. A hug, a kiss, and easy chit chat among all will ensue before the halibut and blackcod unload continues and she leaves to let the men finish their work.

She’ll return home and mix a cocktail, eagerly awaiting the return of her husband and the night to come.

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  1. So what you’re really saying is that the housekeeper will be coming while you’re at the spa?

    Does Patrick leaving for a few days to go to the rodeo qualify me for new bedding? I want new bedding!

    • HA HA! I did place the call just yesterday, but if all else fails, I will haul out my housecleaning caddy and get to work (with glass of wine in hand, of course!).

      YES, it does qualify you for new bedding!! But only if it’s from TJ Maxx and you have a gift card, lol!

  2. Make sure you do what Shelly used to do for me,rearange all the funiture so G can spend the next week stubbing toes and tripping over stuff

    • That’s hilarious! My mom used to do that, too. Rearrange furniture, paint walls, etc! I spend so much time trying to keep this place clean and free of toy-clutter and spilled juice that I don’t yet have the energy to start moving furniture, but I will admit to buying a couch or chair here and there and having the former stuff hauled out, lol!!

  3. ANd the story stops. I was thinking that it would go on in detail of the whole first 24 hours. Just kidding. Looking forward to G being home too. Have fun!

    • Well, I am just in tears. I tried calling him on the sat phone and there was no reply. I called cell phone, no reply. I missed my monthly writers’ conference call today because the kids are out of sorts. I am so exhausted my eyes are burning. I know, “Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink.” When he finally gets home, I need a girls’ weekend away. Not kidding. I’ve never taken one before, but I can see now why girls do take them.

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