Ways to Send Your Man Off to Sea!

One of the things I love most about maintaining this blog is the awesome people I meet. I’ve forged some pretty cool friendships with some pretty neat people that have even gone over into Facebook and otherwise. I love logging into Highliners and Homecomings and seeing that I have a comment that someone was thoughtful enough to leave!

The other day, I received an inquiry through my Contact Form. Elizabeth wrote in with such an interesting question that I thought it would be fun to create an entire post out of it.

Thanks for letting me post your question here, Elizabeth. As I said before, you are one cool chick to be thinking of ways to send your man off to sea in style rather than giving him grief for leaving.

Here’s her note:

I am the girlfriend of a soon-to-be commercial fisherman. He did it in the past, left it to pursue a career on land, and I of course started dating him while he was in this on-land period. But the call of the sea is too great, I guess. He was recently offered a job on swordfish boat down here in San Diego. I don’t know how often they’ll dock or how long he’ll get to stay docked, but I do know that there won’t be any phone calls while he is out. I know I’ll miss him terribly, and I have no idea how I’ll cope with him being gone all the time but I do know that I want to send him off with something special. Since I’m a complete rookie – is there anything that the men especially enjoy having with them? Pictures, music, food? Any feedback that you have from your own experiences would be much appreciated!

Well, I couldn’t stop thinking of ways to send a guy off to sea! (Rated G, of course, this is a family-friendly blog!) :-)

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Gift pack of his favorite treats. Candy, cookies, crackers, chips, etc., to hide in his bunk.
  • A special “boat cup” (Not glass, boat-safe, can be bought at fisheries supplies or sporting goods stores).
  • A set of boat dishes. George loved the set I got for him.
  • New galley towels. They get dirty and ruined so fast, it’s nice to have something fresh and clean!
  • A photo of yourself in a frame. My friend took a nice black and white of me years ago that George loved. Unfortunately, one time we had a big fight and I threw it away, but it was nice while it existed :-)
  • Create a photo book of your best pictures together at Snapfish, Shutterfly, or Costco. They are easy and fun, and you can add quotes and messages on every page if you want.
  • A photo calendar. I create them every year and send one with G to look at in the wheelhouse throughout his months away.
  • A book. A light read is usually better. For example, skip the self-help or how to improve your relationship, haha!
  • You can hide a card in his bag for him to find once he’s on the boat.
  • You can send him off with many cards labeled with dates, one to open each day or once a week.
  • Have kids? Eva just drew a picture of her and George holding hands. We picked out a frame for it, she wrapped it all by herself, and then couldn’t wait to tell him about it when he called.
  • Find out the address of the place they’ll be unloading their catches, and have something waiting for him there each time they unload. I like to send George his magazines, pictures, and the kids’ artwork. We go to the post office and select the bright,  fancy, decorative envelopes so it goes in style!
  • A new CD or a mix-CD of his favorite music.
  • Several magazines.
  • A small portable DVD player and a couple of movies.
  • A new boat blanket or sleeping bag.
  • Fresh new boat pillow case.
  • Nice new boat shower towel.
  • Have a phone that takes and sends pictures? George loves receiving new pics whenever he gets cell coverage.
  • You can also get “creative” with your cell phone pics, if you get my drift. Not for everyone, but it won’t go unappreciated! :-)

Anyone else have additional ideas? Let’s grow the list! This was fun!


  1. This is so great! I love this list. I send Mike new underwear and socks. Not very glamorous, but I know he appreciates it considering how often he does laundry up there. Or should I say, doesn’t do laundry up there!

  2. This is a fabulous post! I don’t send my man off to sea, and I am fortunate to see him every day, but I know that with kids and work and everything else, we can easily feel adrift. What a cool reminder of how important it is to do things for the person you love, and to keep that relationship anchored. Thanks Jen & Elizabeth!

    • I know it! I felt inspired, too. Your comment is a great reminder that it pays to be thoughtful even when they are actually around! It’s easy to forget these nice things once they’re home, lol.

  3. I felt so inspired by this post that Jacob and I went out and picked up a few things to send off in the mail today. Mike should be getting new underwear, socks and a DVD this Saturday!

    Thanks for the reminder/inspiration!

    • I’m totally cracking up. Nice!! I didn’t have as much luck today with treats. Apparently, Sand Point cell coverage only involves phone messages–and barely, at that! :-) At least we received a scratchy phone call!

  4. This post reminds me how lucky I am to be able to come and go on a daily basis now as all the fishing that I used to do that required me to be gone even overnight have been banned.

    If I can get a hug and a kiss in the morning it makes my day as most of the season Shelly is up at 3 and back asleep when I get up unless one of the cats roots her out of bed like this morning.

  5. These are all such great ideas!! I love it! I never knew there were even things like “boat cups”. This has been so helpful, Jen – I really appreciate. I know my fisherman will be equally grateful as well!

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