What I’d Do With a Million Dollars

I would create a safe haven for babies, toddlers, and small children of abusive and/or drug addicted parents.

I’d set up a simple 40-acre property that included lodging, food, activities, and on-hand nurses, preschool teachers, and child psychologists to assist in the development and play of these young children.

I would make sure there was one loving volunteer “mom” or “dad” for each child who accompanied the child throughout the day and helped celebrate accomplishments, offer guidance, and nursed wounds, both emotional and physical.

I would offer drug/alcohol awareness and parenting classes and rehabilitation on site for parents suffering from addiction or any other disorder which prevented them from honestly being the parents they wanted to be. Supervised visits would be allowed to maintain bond between parent and child.

Every infant would be held and fed, each toddler held and comforted, and each young child comforted and reassured.

And that’s what I’d do with a million dollars, although I don’t think a million would cover it.

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    • Ronnie, I like that one, too! Definitely. With my second million I’d open up another forty acres and create a dog haven for old, sick, and abandoned dogs, and hire all the right people to run it. This is a fun thing to think about!

  1. This is beautiful!

    I hope you do find yourself with a million dollars, so you could get a start on this.

    In the meantime, one person, even without using money, can make a whole lot of difference in the life of a child. And you are making that difference with two.

    Vincent & Eva are incredibly lucky to have you as a mom, and to be able to learn compassion and empathy from your actions! They can grow and multiply what you begin.

    • Beth, thank you! What a nice comment to wake up to this morning. And I want to return the same compliment back in your direction. That is the only thing I could think of for the prompt. I couldn’t believe how many people answered with “I’d buy this, and I’d go here, and I’d buy that.” I’m no saint, and like everyone else I buy things I could easily do without, but if I had one million cash, I think service and compassion is the way to go!

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