What Would My Reality Show Be Called? (Plinky)

This Plinky prompt is almost too easy.

I’d call my reality show “Behind the Blog: The Real Seasons of Commercial Fishing Families and Friends.”

Oh, yes. It’s almost too much to contemplate! I’m seriously cracking up to myself as I develop my fake show right here at my desk.

The other week, I was out with George and others who shall remain anonymous. As can happen, the night grew rather hilarious…to put it mildly.

Hey, that’s just the way we roll—sometimes. But as I told one of the anonymous others, “This is the stuff that does not make the blog.”

Indeed, there are “things” and otherwise that I’m held to the fire and sworn to never write about!

But in this imaginary world of Plinky prompts, I would turn on the cameras and capture the sane, the silly, the crazy, the sad, the hilarious, and the fun alongside the strength, work, family, bravery, and genuine friendship.

Oh wait—it just occurred to me. If the cameras were rolling, that means they’d be on me, too.

Forget it!! :-)

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