Will You Be the Next Fisherman TV Star?

BBC has a new series in development and is looking for a former  or current fisherman to host!


Attached are some casting/show details, sent to me by Rachel Stevens, the Casting Producer:

The presenter will travel to remote parts of the world to take part in the most extreme occupations around, working alongside the people who do them day in day out. This could be traveling to Nepal to gather honey 300 feet off the ground in the precipitous cliffs of the Himalayan foothills, free-diving for pearls in Japan, or digging for salt in the hottest place on earth. They will mainly will focus on jobs that have been around for hundreds of years and have been largely done by tribal people.

They’d love to find a personable host, a person who has “been there and done that” when it comes to adventurous and daring situations. They’d like the person to be athletic and between the ages of 25-45 ish.

Here’s the Official Notice:


BBC Worldwide Productions and the producers of Dancing with the Stars, Skating with the Stars, Top Gear and What Not To Wear are currently seeking fearless hosts with a high tolerance for disgust, danger and extreme situations!

Are you an all-out risk taker with an above average tolerance for all things difficult, adventurous, or unexpected when it comes to occupational duties?

We are seeking an International host to work shoulder to shoulder with every day workers in occupations that most people avoid.  You will dive in and work hard to complete every task despite potential danger, discomfort, or hazardous situations.

If extreme crab fishing, dealing with explosives and demolitions, smoke jumping, working on an off shore oil rig, mining coal, or wrangling alligators are within your scope of ordinary, you could be who we are looking for!

You will profile the unsung laborers around the globe who make their living in the most unthinkable — yet vital — ways. Our host must be willing to overcome their fears and embrace the danger and deal with the stress of an honest day’s work!

For more information, contact:


Please send submissions with photos, bio, relative experience and any video links. Tell us why you would be great for our show!

Rachel Stevens

Casting Producer


  1. Now I’m sad,few years ago it would have been the perfect job,now I am too old,too heavy and smoke way to much.Thats ok think I will hit the ice cream to console myself.

    BTW It’s been in the low 20s at night here in sunny N Fla and they are calling for 10 or below early next week,would you please come down and get your weather and carry it home with you Jen,this “Global Warming” aint all it’s cracked up to be,

    • LOL all the way around!! Way too funny! And I’d be happy to come collect our weather and bring it back home. I love a good freeze (and snow) but I can’t stand the rain at all!

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