Plinky Sounds Like Fun!

I discovered the following awesome WordPress notice today while checking my blog stats….

Overcome Writer’s Block With Plinky Prompts

by Joy Victory

Do you ever think “Ugh, I’d totally write a new blog post, if I just had something to say?” Or maybe, “I’m sick and tired of writer’s block but I don’t know what to do about it!”

We’ve all been there — those days when the light bulb seems dim, if not burned out. To give you a little creative push and get that writerly mojo flowing again…

…Each weekday, Plinky provides a prompt — like a question or a challenge — and you type in an answer. To keep it interesting, prompts are a mixed bag of fun commands (“Write a haiku about the last meal you ate”) to more thoughtful questions (“What is your favorite summer memory?”)

It’s me again.

Plinky will work with a variety of blog hosts. If you have a blog, it works with a variety of blog hosts. If you don’t have a blog but enjoy writing, just sign up and start having fun with the prompts and meeting other writers!

I can’t wait to get started with Plinky. I signed up the moment after I read the above notice. Writing prompts are fun, and so is reading the work of others, especially on like subjects. If you sign up for it too, let me know so we can connect on Plinky!

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