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I am really excited today. I have no idea why, as nothing amazing has occurred, but I’m pumped.

One thing I love is that the large non-fiction writing project I’ve been working on for years has finally come together and feels perfect. Don’t get me wrong; it’s far from finished. I finally sat down last week and reviewed a ton of feedback on the work I’ve gathered so far from editors and agents all around the country, along with feedback from a few fellow writers.

Most of the feedback was legitimate and caused me to sit back and reflect upon the suggestions and insight. Other feedback was so off-base it was clear the reader did not have a handle on the material at all. That feedback I simply rolled my eyes at before depositing in both my mental and real shredders.

I decided that I will, in fact, enter the 2011 Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Literary Contest (deadline February 28) along with hundreds of other writers. I may not win a ribbon, but at the very least, I’ll come away with even more feedback to mull over.

The other thing I’m excited about today is that I’ve finally entered the “burn phase” of the 24-day AdvoCare Challenge I’m doing with a few other people. I did just fine on the first ten days and am looking forward to the final fourteen. This challenge, combined with all the Jazzercise, should help get me back on track and well on my way to feeling like myself again (as well as ready for our first real vacation in four years this spring!).

Last but not least, I discovered yet another awesome commercial fishing blog. I enjoyed the content, subject matter, and writing style so well that I’ve included a direct RSS feed to it in the sidebar to the right.

Fish Tales is written by Jen Pickett, who posts once a week on (the creatively and aptly-named) Pickfish Fridays. Here’s a bit about Jen, taken directly from her blog:

“Jen Pickett is a freelance writer, a poet, and commercial fisherman. She has spent nearly two decades in Alaska’s commercial fishing industry. Starting as crewman, she’s worked tenders, seiners, trollers, gill netters and long liners fishing Alaska’s waters for herring, salmon, and halibut from Southeast Alaska to the Copper River Flats, Prince William Sound, Kodiak and Bristol Bay.  At the ripe age of 28 she became one of the few women to own and skipper her boat on one of Alaska’s most dangerous waters, the Copper River Flats, where she fished alone for the famous Copper River Kings and Reds. Encountering storms, breakers, broken-down equipment, ripped up nets, exhaustion, whales, sharks, and close calls with giant cruise ships and many other near misses, all became the norm aboard her 28′ boat…”

Pretty cool, right?

And before I go….Happy Birthday to my one time fishing crew mate and forever little sis, Steph!!


    • Ha ha! “No serious blogger should ever include a picture of a girl with balloons inside the post.” I don’t think I’ll open this one up to a vote this time, though! And a very serious person like me would certainly not ask her sister or brother-in-law if they wanted to go roller skating this Saturday. You guys down? We can take turns watching the little ones!

    • Thank you, Laura! I sure appreciate it. The writing game is so subjective, don’t you think? It blows my mind the way each reader comes away with such different interpretations and understanding. It keeps it very interesting though and is valuable. I have babysitters lined up so I can prepare the entry! You can only submit 28 pages but I want to make sure they are as perfect as can be.

    • WOW, Gypsy! Nice work! I’m impressed that you got it in so far in advance. I’m freaking out now because I’m totally behind. Are you going to the conference? It’s rather spendy but totally worth it. I’m looking forward to it.

  1. Don’t give me too much credit…I’ve been polishing it forever and it’s only just under 1000 words! Probably doesn’t stand a chance against the chapter books and YA it’ll be lumped in with, but, like you, I welcome the feedback. Not sure if I’m far enough along in my writing to justify the expense of the conference, but I would really love to go. Glad to know you endorse it :)

    • Gypsy, that’s hilarious. You are on a really good run right now so you might end up pleasantly surprised! I love those kinds of runs! The conference is so expensive but totally worth it to go at all stages. You also have a great one right in your own backyard, actually! If you don’t mind, maybe I’ll tinker with my entry a bit more this coming week and then send it to you for feedback. Maybe a chapter or two to see what you think.

  2. Hello Jen – what a great site you’ve created! My boat has frequently shared dock space with the mighty Vis, in B’ham and Sitka, so it’s lovely to find you out here, another woman-in-fishing sharing our unique stories. Good to “meet” you out here, and big congratulations on your work.

    Cheers –

    • Tele, thank you! What a nice comment to come home to! Do you have a blog, too? If so, let me know so I can add it! I just came across this story about your boat here. What a cool write-up! Thanks again for the validation and encouragement. It means a lot!!

      • Hi Jen! Yup, just launched my first blog, Hooked, two weeks ago – pretty rough yet, totally fumbling through it, but having a good time. It’s awfully fun to share our unique lifestyle with folks who appreciate it, isn’t it?
        Welcome back from Vegas – I’ve been in the same boat (oh, bad boat pun), avoiding ever going. Sounds like you had the right bunch of family to make it fun!
        Cheers –

        • Congrats on the blog! I like it! Just added it to my blog roll and the sidebar feed as well (which I save for only the coolest commercial fishing blogs!) I’m looking forward to reading more. I definitely don’t think I’d have had as good a time without the kids and all the family on the Vegas trip. The kids’ excitement and having them to take care of kept me grounded and focused rather than overwhelmed and insecure! lol!

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