Bloggy Boot Camp is Finally Here!

I’m excited that the weekend of Bloggy Boot Camp has finally arrived. I registered for the event several months ago after a blogger I admire raved about her experience at the San Francisco boot camp. Bloggy Boot Camp only goes to six major cities per year, so I was pleased to discover it was coming somewhere nearby.

I’ve got my hotel reservations and I just can’t wait to get to the hotel and kick back in the room. Aaaah. No cleaning, no cooking, nobody calling my name. Just me, chillin’ with the television and a book on an overstuffed down bed. Of course, the bliss will last for about ten minutes before I start feeling weird that I don’t have any little ones or dogs with me, and I start pacing and wondering what I should do next.

I have no idea what insights and things about blogging that I’ll learn at the boot camp, but I’m sure looking forward to the experience. On top of it all, the sun is finally supposed arrive in the gloomy Puget Sound, so when I return I hope I’m welcomed by sunshine.

I’ve been glued to the television all week, which is not like me at all. I’ve spent the past eight days closely watching the Casey Anthony trial out of Florida. Like millions of other people, I find the entire case mind-boggling, and it’s incredible to watch now that the trial is finally happening. My Eva was born only four months after the allegedly murdered Caylee Anthony, so the case hit a spot with me. I feel terrible for the entire family, especially the grandparents. In my opinion, Twitter and HLN has had the best coverage of the trial so far, and it’s supposed to last another few weeks.

On a lighter note, here are some fun Plinky prompts I’ve been thinking about.

1. Name your favorite type of cookie. I don’t really care for cookies, actually. If I do eat cookies I like chocolate chip, slightly undercooked and soft. I don’t like crispy chocolate chip cookies.

2. What are you saving up for? Well, I don’t have money coming in so I’m not technically saving for anything, but as a household we are planning for another trip to Hawaii next year, so we are saving our credit card miles and making sure we set aside play money. I think we’re selling one of our trucks and buying an SUV as well, so we’re setting aside money for that.

3. Describe the worst flight you’ve ever taken. The worst (scariest) flight was on a small plane coming home from the Edmonton mall in Canada. It was stormy, the plane was shaking, the turbulence was awful, and we dropped several feet repeatedly throughout the entire flight. The jolting was nerve-wracking and I was terrified.

4. What are you indecisive about? Books. I never know which one, or which topic, to read when I have a moment to sit. Parenting? Memoir? Fiction? Books on writing? Self improvement? Diet? Spirituality?

5. Schools out! Share a graduation story. Last week I watched Eva graduate from preschool. So precious. I walked into the living room of her in-home preschool and almost cried when I saw Eva and all of her little friends sitting in a semi-circle of chairs with homemade graduation caps on their heads. They all looked so sweet and proud and excited. Teacher Sara said a few words about each graduate, presented them with diplomas, and made a notebook of their work for the year which included a personal letter to each child. She said she enjoyed Eva’s funny comments, her interesting questions, and couldn’t wait to see how Eva’s flair for art and color would continue to develop in the future.I was so proud of my first-born baby girl!!

We did it!

Post Grad Cupcakes

Eva and her BFF, Ke'ala

(By the way, does anyone know when the iPhone 5 is coming out? It was supposed to be June. I’ve been waiting and waiting! I can’t wait to upgrade my iPhone’s picture and video quality!)

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