Can’t We Extend?

I am definitely not looking forward to returning home this week. I love this sun, the ease, the resort, the island. I’m in no hurry to return to our rainy and dreary corner of the world, but we must.

I’ve asked G a few times already if we can extend the trip, but I know we can’t. We’ve been here a good amount of time already.

G has to return home and get the boat ready to go north and catch the Alaska blackcod and halibut quota the next few months, while the kids and I have to…uh…well…keep the home fires burning.

G, the kids, and I spend our days focusing on sun, family, and fun, but at night when all is still, we think about our dear pitbull Toby and his unexpected death the day before we left on vacation.

I’ve dreamed about Toby often since we’ve been here. The dreams are heartbreaking. I dream he’s not passed away…then he’s passed away but come back home…he has two eyes…then glowing weird red eyes…I think I see him…then someone tells me it isn’t him.

When one of my children wakes and calls for me during the night, it’s a relief to get up.

Our trip has been amazing and restful, though (especially during the day), and we are already planning our return to this location. One can only hope for a great longline and crab season in the next year!


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