Waiting Impatiently

I’m currently waiting for G to call from somewhere around Kodiak because I have a message for him. The last time I talked to him was ten days ago for a few minutes. I hoped he would check in via e-mail or the satellite phone in the meantime, but he hasn’t! I take that as a good sign that they’re into the halibut and blackcod and he’s so busy and exhausted he doesn’t have one spare bit of energy to call. I’m anxious to hear how the fishing is!

I never call the satellite phone myself because it just makes me more frustrated. And I always end up calling the wrong satellite phone from the wrong phone which can be costly. Several years ago we had a home phone bill for about $4000 and just recently, my cell phone bill was around $400 or something because I didn’t realize it was an international call and I was being charged. Whoops! George doesn’t often answer the sat phone anyway because he’s on deck working and I end up just calling repeatedly and getting more and more frustrated when there’s no answer. So it’s better just to chill and wait impatiently for him to get into cell coverage and give me a call when it’s a good (and cheap) time.

Vincent had a virus and cough for about two weeks, and just when we thought it was over, it settled into the croup. It actually hit me as well for about ten days, and I never get sick! And just when I thought Eva was going to skate through free and clear, she got it as well. We did make it through the fall, winter, and most of the spring without any sicknesses, though, so I still think we did well this year. Hopefully soon the sun will shine and that natural vitamin D will do everyone a bit of good.

Until then we keep on waiting….

Couldn't resist picking up this bottle of red.

Sick sleeping Vincent.

Sick sleeping Eva.

My dad, hanging loose in Honolulu with Mom! Could I be more jealous?


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  1. Sorry about your sick babies, it’s hard to watch them feeling bad and not be able to do anything about it… Monique and I had a really fun playdate with the kids yesterday. You guys will have to get better soon so we can get all the fishing families together!

    • Thanks, Robin! And I am so glad you guys had a good time. It was on my calendar and I was bummed that I had to miss yet another event. This has been the goofiest transition ever. At this rate, by the time we get our act together, G will be probably be home! :) Did you get any pictures for the Facebook page? I’m glad Zed is still doing well crabbing. I’m crossing my fingers that longlining is going well. In the spirit of things, I’ve just put on my halibut earrings. Now I am going to get these kids out for fresh air, coughing and sneezing or not!

  2. Sorry to hear that the kids were sick. Praying that G is just busy. He will call soon. Just one bottle of wine? That is a daily thing for me when T is gone.

    • Ha! No, that was just one of that kind :) Thanks for your comment! G did finally end up calling today. I gave up and called the sat phone, and Brett told him it had been ringing so he figured it was me and called back. The kids have finally turned the corner, I’m so glad!

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