From Deckboss: Calling All Alaska Fishermen’s Wives

Directly from the blog Deckboss:

Shed Media US, a Los Angeles television production company, is looking to cast a new reality series called “Alaska Fishermen’s Wives.”

Casting producer Annette Ivy tells me she’s looking to contact women who are “outgoing and have big personalities.”

“We are interested in hearing about the day-to-day worries and stresses the women have to endure as a result of being fishermen’s wives,” Ivy tells Deckboss. “We also are interested in other activities they are involved with as a result of living in such a beautiful wilderness such as hunting, fishing, etc.”

Shed Media US productions include “The Real Housewives of New York City,” “World’s Strictest Parents,” “Basketball Wives” and “It’s Me or the Dog.”


Contact Ivy at (323) 904-4680, ext. 1061, or

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Deckboss: Calling all fishermen’s wives.


My own two cents is that I absolutely love this show concept. It’s high time fishermen’s wives were showcased for the work we do to support our fishing families and businesses.

At the same time, I’m disappointed that this opportunity is limited to only Alaska fishing wives. It’s too bad that the wives from Newport, San Francisco, Astoria, Long Beach, Westport, Seattle, Bellingham, etc..are automatically excluded.

Still, if you are a fishing wife from Alaska, this is an excellent opportunity and I can’t wait to watch the show down the road!


  1. They obviously don’t know what a great show you would make! The epitome of a multi-generational fishing wife! Crazy not to feature your own story! I think you should push them to reconsider. Seriously.

    • Beth, you made me laugh in spite of this painful cough I’m fighting. Thank you! And before I forget; big congratulations on the success of your booth! #1!!

      I wouldn’t make a very good TV show, but I’m thinking of the Newport Fishermen’s Wives who are an incredible bunch. They put together commercial fishing events like fishermen’s appreciation days, barbecues, blessing of the fleet…and they’re also so organized that they succeeded in having a Coast Guard station put in many years ago. There are a few wives in particular that I think have the big personalities and insight to make a great show.

      I love the show concept, but I think they’re missing out on a huge pool of fishing wives up and down the coast by limiting it, especially when so many of the boats that fish all over Alaska come from down south. But what do I know about producing TV shows….:-)

  2. Hmmm… Well, I still think you could make a great show!

    The Newport wives sound like a great story, too! With a group of them in the same area, it seems they could do a ‘real housewives’ or better yet, an ‘army wives’ type of story line….

    • I totally agree. That’s the best idea yet!

      This all reminds me of the pretend fishing show I created for fun for that Plinky prompt a couple of months ago…the one about “Behind the Blog.” I’m laughing now just remembering it. A camera crew following the antics and life of G’s crew and family would be something else, lol! We’re just one big happy crazy family.

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