I Love My Friends So Much!

Thank you all so much for your feedback via blog comments, Facebook comments, and messages in response to my most recent blog post and Facebook discussion on food and eating.

I feel so very lucky to have such an awesome network of girlfriends who know just what to say and can offer all sorts of advice and amazing tips. I am going to write a blog post that includes all of the ideas that have been shared with me in the past few days. As women, mothers, wives, and girlfriends, we are always learning and it’s a good idea to seek advice and support from both those who can relate and those who can offer a new perspective.

It was a risk for me to be honest and say “Look. Here is where I struggle.” I didn’t know how the response would be, but it’s been incredible! So thank you my dear girlfriends (and to one of my guy friends, Jeremy, who was quick to offer suggestions on cookbooks based on his time cooking on commercial fishing boats in Alaska).

Here you are by name (and I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone!)……




Jill H.

Jill B.






Amanda S.

Cutzi (for the always-helpful info she puts on FB about food and health)

Courtney (for sharing her ideas with me recently in person)



Stephanie S.


Jennifer D.

Stephanie D.

Christina M.


Christina Katz, the Writer Mama and Prosperous Writer, who sent me a hilarious Twitter tweet last night.


Love you all!

Hey, it might be macaroni sometimes but at least we always sit at the table together...:)

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