Looking for One Teddy Bear and One Daddy

Finally, a day without rain. The kids and I went for a long, invigorating walk up and down hills all afternoon in the fresh air with my sister and baby niece. I took Eva and Vincent for ice cream following and it almost felt like spring!

In case anyone is wondering how G’s crab season is going and why I haven’t posted any updates or pictures, it’s because I’m operating under a temporary gag order issued by the captain himself! Ha ha!

I only talk to G about once a week and not for very long because they are working 24/7. The first month of the crab season is the most critical, so G and the guys are incredibly focused down and I *try* not to bother them.

Vincent woke me up at 3:00 a.m. recently. I heard him rustling around and pacing the hallways, crying.

I sprung out of bed.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked as I reached for my little boy.

“I’m looking for my teddy bear and my daddy,” he cried.

I scooped up my little guy. And while I quickly located his bear, there wasn’t anything I could do about his dad except to say Daddy loved him very much.

So, I cuddled with Vincent as he cried himself back to sleep, repeating “I miss my dad,” over and over.

This is actually the first time either of my children has cried over G being gone. Of course we always miss George terribly, but we usually keep on keepin’ on with hope and smiles. Vincent took me by surprise!


    • Tammy, thank you!

      Last night I thought it might be a good idea for Vincent to leave a message for G; I thought it would make Vincent feel better. But his message was so sad I wondered if I should have let him after all in case it made G feel bad, too (which it did).

      So hard to get it right! :-) Riding it out and learning as we go…

  1. I am so open with my girls. We truly have a very special bond. I would encourage you to start early and talk, talk, talk. I hope our girls will always tell me their struggles, wonders, frustrations…etc. My hope is that the patterns we have today will get us through the teen years just around the corner. Our 9 year old can hardly fit on my lap anymore, but she still loves to snuggle in bed and tell me her sorrows. I treasure it daily!

    May you receive wisdom, grace and understanding each step of the way!

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