Thank You, Lisa

We could not have made it through the last few years without our dear friend, Lisa. Lisa has an ethereal love for animals of all kinds. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, geese…and every other type and species.

When she sees a dog running loose, she takes the time to stop and determine where his or her home is.

Lisa is the one who first noticed that something was wrong with Toby’s eye. She is also the one who guessed, two years later, something wrong when the spleen tumor came to light.

She took Toby to the ultrasound at that time and visited him as he recovered from surgery, even though it was hours away.

When this last, and ultimately final, tumor came down, she was here. At the very end, Lisa came to our house to help out and to reassure Toby late on his last night that everything would be okay.

Thank you, Lisa, for all the love, dedication, fun, and beyond that you’ve shown our pups and to animals of all kind.

We love and appreciate you so much!

(We are still in Hawaii, trying not to think too much. Following are a few more pics from the trip.)

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