The Next Post is Up to You!

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before on Highliners and Homecomings.

I’m going to write a post(s) from a writing prompt sent from one of YOU!

Go ahead. Send me your prompt. I’m not sure how many I’ll use, but it will likely be between one and five prompts.

Don’t be shy! Send ’em on. Let’s start March in a unique and festive way!

Bring it.


    • Ha! I’m actually a little scared about this last blog idea. Perhaps I should have put in a disclaimer of some kind! We’ll see how it plays out. I know I can trust you….right? :-) Lol!

  1. Well Jen,the flowers are blooming,trees budding,been in the 80s for a few days here,I’m turning 50 this year and this year in early spring I have been thinking of past springs,loves lost & found,fast cars I had ,friends who are no longer with us,lots of other memories that spring time always brings out.
    We lost a commercial fisherman in Ft Pierce yesterday,old timer who was a friend,one of the founders of Organized Fishermen of Fla (OFF) over 40 years ago.Maybe you could do a piece on a old timer or two up there with pictures just so they could be with us forever via the internet.

  2. Okay, I’ve thought quite a bit about this. I don’t know if you’ve already done something like this way back, so if you did, I’m sorry I missed it!

    How about if you ‘tell a story’ from your childhood either about a day your dad left to go fishing, or a day that he came back. Maybe starting with him tucking you in the night before he leaves, or how you remember feeling waking up the morning he was to leave or come back….

    Then bring it full circle, and tell it as Eva may experience the same thing with G.

    What do you think?

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