Do Girls Like Commercial Fishermen?

I’ve written before that one of the most fun parts of writing this blog is keeping an eye on the search terms people use when they are directed here by various search engines. Many people who land here are looking for information on the Dungeness crab season and rigging crab pots, searching for longline vessels or other boats I’ve mentioned by name, or looking for quotes about commercial fishing and commercial fishing photographs.

Every once in a while, a search term comes through that really makes me smile. Yesterday, I received two such searches! Here they are:

1. Pics of a chick with the Walther PPS

2. Do girls like commercial fishermen?

Now, I think the person looking for pictures of a girl with the awesome Walther PPS (a 9mm semi-automatic pistol made in Germany by Walther Sportwaffen) made it to my blog because I’ve written before that I have my very own Walther PPS that I absolutely love.

Although I do have some video and pictures of me popping off a few rounds from the PPS at the range, I don’t think I’ve ever published them here because I know that guns are frightening to many people, and I don’t want to make my mom nervous.

As for the question of whether girls like commercial fishermen, the answer is YES!

Here are some reasons why. The following list is off the top of my head and in random order.

Why Girls Like Commercial Fishermen

1. They are adorable in their baseball hats.

2. They look hot in Carhartts.

3. They are strong.

4. They’re tough.

5. They have endurance.

6. Fishermen will work through sickness, injury, and weather to get it done.

7. They enjoy sitting around a galley table, telling stories and laughing.

8. A fisherman is a man’s man.

9. Fishermen are grateful and appreciative of everything their wives and girlfriends do for them.

10. They are tough and brave, but they don’t boast about it. They simply let their work speak volumes.

11. Fishermen are generous with their money and will help out friends and family in need.

12. They generally have good taste in music.

13. They’re usually up to go out and have a good time in town.

14. They are smart.

15. They can read charts and navigate a boat through storms.

16. Fishermen are not afraid to get their hands dirty and their clothes greasy.

17. Fishermen clean up very well.

18. They like to read.

19. They don’t have to be entertained every second of the day. Are fine with solitude.

20. They can kick a** when they have to, but they don’t let anyone know that until it’s already been done.

21. Fishermen are quick to forgive and move on.

22. They are cute.

23. They have a sense of humor.

24. Fishermen can tackle house projects and complete them with ease.

25. They’re able to identify and troubleshoot almost any car or house issue.

26. They look good riding around in their trucks.

27. Fishermen have steady natures for the most part.

28. They’re quick to smile.

29. They’re loyal to their friends and family.

30. Fishermen are easy to please and are not overly demanding at home.

31. Most fishermen can cook.

Okay, there’s my first thirty-one reasons why girls like commercial fishermen. As always, feel free to chime in with your thoughts!


  1. Lori, you’ve got a great point here! That sounds like my dad (retired fishing captain). Big boat, little boat, farm house, beach house, rental apartments, my house when G is gone, my sisters’ houses when in need….then his (and my mom’s) house! I should have added “generous with their time and skills with others” to the list! :)

    • Thank you, Michele! I love growing this list! It’s still making me laugh. I obviously needed some levity with the stress this week. Thank you for your wishes for feeling better soon. I feel marginally better. Slowly but surely!

  2. Well, living in Kennebunk Maine and this blog seem to have some very valid points. Fishermen here are called Lobstermen as they deal mostly with that delicious creature.
    They are mirror images of Fishermen with the qualities listed but what they haul to market isn’t fish but Lobster. The equipment and vessels differ but you still see a row boat with Lobster traps from time to time riding out on high tide. Lobstermen around here make up a large % of gifted and talented and solid ,quiet, souls working with the Sea. They love their boats and treat their fellow mates with respect, dignity,and kind words or silence, when necessary.

    • This comment is so beautifully written; thank you for leaving it.

      Right away, it reminded me of another few reasons why girls like commercial fishermen, one of which is that fishermen (or lobstermen!) often have a way with combining thought with the written word to produce some of the best literature and poetry around.

      I learned quite a bit about the culture on your side of the country through your comment and I appreciated the imagery and knowledge. Beautiful insight into character.

      A while back, a bunch of us chimed in about commercial fishing stereotypes in this post. You might find it of interest as it shares some common threads with this last one.

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