First Came the Girl, Second Came the Boy, Third Comes….

I always said that I wouldn’t publish ultrasound pictures here on my blog. But then again, I also always said I wouldn’t have another baby.

So while I’m keeping busy doing things I always said I’d never do, here are a couple of ultrasound pictures of the new baby. At first, I felt bad when I decided to post pictures. The poor thing is deep inside my tummy and has no idea what Mommy is doing. But then I thought; I occasionally post pictures of Eva and Vincent and they do know what I’m up to.

The new baby will just have to get used to it from a very early age :).

See how I’ve created a pink border around the pictures? If you haven’t guessed yet, we did find out today that the baby is a GIRL.

Vincent was crushed. I invited the little ones (and their father, lol) into the ultrasound room so they could see pictures of the baby in Mommy’s tummy. Vincent was sure it was a boy and started to squeal with excitement. It broke my heart to tell him he’d misunderstood and that in fact, it was a girl. My sweet, precious little buddy then buried his head in my side and quietly sobbed.

Eva, of course, was thrilled beyond reason. She immediately began announcing plans to move the baby into her room where “she would take care of it” and how she’d known all along it was a girl.

Vincent’s sorrow finally made me cry and I gently suggested G take the kids out and give them each a lifesaver candy for being so good while Mommy talked to the doctor.

The good news is that the baby seems to have developed normally and all systems seem to be functioning healthily and well, which is something I worried about. Because of the fact that we aren’t 25 anymore and were in no way expecting another baby, I wasn’t sure what kind of a start this little one would have. Thank you, God, that everything appears the way it should.

So, we started our journey, in spite of infertility, with a girl. We were blessed immediately following with a boy in the middle. And we end our journey—and I do mean END—where we started. With a little baby girl.


I'm absolutely loving this jazz hand. Future Jazzercise instructor right here!


    • Aw, thank you!! The jazz hand cracks me up. I actually taught Jazzercise this morning and had two routines with jazz hands, so I had to laugh. She was just dancing right along even after class ended! :)

  1. Awwwe, what a sweet little baby hand. It almost makes me want another one…. almost:) Zed’s been pushing me to try for a little girl, but I’m not giving in.
    Congratulations again on your little one!

  2. Hey congrats! I was sure it was a boy too Vincent. Maybe baby 4 will be a boy! Never say never!!!!! I am glad to hear that all is well. And I have some great name suggestions for this one! Best wishes.

  3. Congratulations! So exciting! You always did say when Jill and I talked about having a third that you would love a third also, but that it wasn’t going to happen. So glad for you and your family that you were wrong!

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