Happy Thirsty Thursday


To be honest, I’d never heard of  “Thirsty Thursday” until about five years ago. I may be wrong (and it wouldn’t be the first time) but I think I learned about it after casually asking my sister, Steph, what her husband Ryan was up to one early Thursday evening years ago.

“Well, it’s Thirsty Thursday,” I believe she replied, “So he’s out with some friends from work.”


Now, I’ve been out of the official work force since….2001, I believe. So if Thirsty Thursday is something relatively new, I missed it.


I have to thank one of my fellow commercial fishing wives, Amanda, for one of the best laughs I had all week (and I have to thank Steph and Ryan for the other one. KK2, yo!).

As you know,  the first round of casting is currently underway for the new commercial fishing wives TV show that is in the works. On our Facebook group Commercial Fishing Families & Friends, we’ve had an ongoing dialogue about the show and who we think would be great on it.

Well, out of nowhere, came Amanda with this post on the group page:

“Ha! Like we have a choice on holding down the fort! Er…sorry, been at it alone here for a couple months. I think I’m starting to crack. Oh well, nothing a glass of wine won’t cure! This show sounds great, I just hope they plan on supplying the wives with barrels of wine :)

Amanda, I couldn’t agree with you more on all fronts. LOL. Here’s a virtual glass of red wine from one fishing wife to another. Cheers!


  1. I feel more justified in my wine drinking knowing there are others out there doing the same thing! Thankfully, Mike came home this week so I didn’t have to go completely overboard with craziness. Thanks for including me in your blog post, Jen!

    • Of course! How could I not after a FB comment like that, ha! I toasted you just in time, too, because I have to abstain or cut back for two weeks. How will I make it?!

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