Happy Valentine’s Day…I Guess!

Our busy weekend began with G’s surprise announcement that he was coming home so he could attend my sister’s 40th birthday surprise party. We were so excited!

While he was here, we got a heart-shaped Papa Murphy’s pizza and helped Eva make Valentine cards for her preschool classmates. Even though G kept saying he had to leave “first thing Monday morning”, I didn’t believe him. After all, the weather where he’s fishing is terrible, and the crew aren’t even in port!

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “There are things on the boat that have to be fixed before we can go fishing again. I have to go fix them.”

Early this morning, G presented me with gifts from two of my favorite stores. I started to open one, but he snatched it back.

“Wait! I need to get the price tag!” he said.

“Do you have anything for me?” he asked next.

“Uh…no.” I said.

I did have things, but they weren’t ready yet! I didn’t know he was coming home this weekend!

I asked G if he really had to leave. What difference would one more day make? After all, if he stayed, I could get his Valentine’s gifts in order.

No matter. At 8:00 a.m., G fired up the flatbed. He gave one last look toward the house to see if we were standing in the windows, then blew us a kiss and drove away.

Next, I did what any other self-respecting commercial fisherman’s wife would do.

I called G. I called again. I texted. I reminded G that the weather was crappy. I sent an e-mail. I reported that the gifts he’d given me for Valentine’s Day did not fit right, and unfortunately, needed to be exchanged.

I held out hope that he hadn’t actually left, and was just busy running errands in town, until it was obviously time for me to get the household ready for the evening without him.

It’s okay, though. G did come home and we had a great time yesterday, and there are good times ahead. One silly day only carries as much weight as you give it.

Happy Valentines Day… WHATEVER! :-)


  1. Glad it worked out for you Jen,,I have Shellys”care package” in the truck for in the morning as I didn’t get to go to town until after dark tonite,got her a very nice cloth bag with candles,chocolates and something from her favorite “store”
    I do know how to get my gold star for the week LOL!!

    • Did Shelly love her presents? So sweet! My mom came through that night with gifts for us all, and at least a portion of G’s turned out okay, so I couldn’t really complain, ha ha. The rest I get to exchange so that will be fun come springtime!

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