Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Commercial Fisherman

I wrapped up my Cyber Monday shopping this morning. George occasionally reads my blog, so I can’t mention what I purchased, but things went fairly smoothly and I am glad that part of shopping is over. I took a break from ordering gifts midway through to come over and check my blog statistics. When I looked through this morning’s search terms, I saw that somebody else was wondering what to buy a commercial fisherman for the holidays.

A long time ago I wrote and published a list of unique gifts with which to send your man to sea, but that  list was not quite right for this particular search. So, I decided to create a new list right now of things one might consider getting a commercial fisherman for Christmas.

If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments section! I would love to read and add them to the list!

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Commercial Fisherman

  • Gift pack of his favorite treats to take on the boat. Candy, cookies, peanuts, crackers, chips, etc.
  • A special “boat cup” (Not glass, boat-safe, can be bought at fisheries supplies or sporting goods stores).
  • New set of boat dishes; the kind you buy at marine supply stores made of hard plastic with non-skid rubber on the bottoms.
  • New galley towels. They get dirty and ruined so fast, it’s nice to have something fresh and clean!
  • A photo of yourself, the children, or the pets in a frame.
  • Create a photo book of your favorite pictures at Snapfish, Shutterfly, or Costco. They are easy and fun to make, and you can add quotes and messages on every page if you want. He can take the book with him on the boat when he leaves next.
  • A photo calendar. I create them every year and send one with G to look through in the wheelhouse throughout his months away.
  • A book. A light read is usually better (skip the self-help or how to improve your relationship, ha ha!).
  • Have kids? Have them draw pictures that you can bind together (or let a copy shop bind) into a book.
  • Magazine subscriptions.
  • Warm winter hat.
  • Gift card to a fisheries supply store.
  • New rubber gloves.
  • A small portable DVD player and a couple of DVDs to go with it.
  • iTunes gift card.
  • iPod.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Dinner gift certificate to use together when he is at home.
  • Massage gift card.
  • A warm, snuggly new boat blanket or sleeping bag.
  • Fresh new boat pillow and pillow case.
  • Nice, fluffy boat shower towel.
  • Long underwear made especially for sub-zero temperatures.
  • An e-reader; Kindle, Nook, iPad, whichever you like. I got George an inexpensive Kindle for his birthday, not sure if he would be into digital reading or not. As it turns out, he loves it! He reads his Kindle all the time whether at home or on the boat.
  • Visit Personal Creations or Lillian Vernon online and create personalized gifts.
  • At Personal Creations you can make a “World’s Greatest Longliner” or “World’s Greatest Crabber” (you get the idea) t-shirt. Another fishing wife and I surprised each other last year when we both made the same exact shirts for our husbands and then posted pictures of the shirts on Facebook!
  • Personal Creations also offers a humorous gray hooded sweatshirt with “Dad’s Beer” written on the front and an actual pouch for the beer. I got a pair of these for my brother-in-law, Ryan, and my husband, George, last year and I’m surprised to report they actually wore them (Well, Ryan did, at least) and the beer did stay in place! (item number 30027119)
  • Engraved and personalized beer mugs, pitchers, and shot glasses.
  • Along the same lines, an engraved leather hip beer holster from Personal Creations. Your husband can work on the grill or on the gear with a beverage attached to his belt with a nylon leg strap for extra security. (item number 30029868)
  • The “Man Cave” or “Eat, Sleep, Fish” or “Home Theater” –style wall signs and doormats from Personal Creations and Lillian Vernon.
  • Team Daddy” or “Daddy’s Little Fishing Buddies” shirts and sweatshirts.

(Note:  I’m definitely not trying to promote the drinking fisherman image (I spend too much time fighting it) and I don’t hold stock in Personal Creations or Lillian Vernon, but their gifts are fairly inexpensive, fun, and I enjoy flipping through the catalogs each year. Free shipping and discounts of 25% off orders is another draw.)

If you have additional ideas, please share so we can grow the list!


Additional Gift Ideas For Your Commercial Fisherman:

From Lori French of The Faces of California Fishing (excellent, Lori!):

  • Electric blanket for crab season.
  • Binoculars.

From Robin Blue of The Fishing Blues (also excellent, Robin!):

  • Head lamp for bunk reading.
  • Wool socks.

From Beci (via the Facebook group Commercial Fishing Families & Friends)

  • Talking picture frame. Dad will love a frame that features a recording of his child or children speaking. He can take it with him to sea and listen to it over and over again.


  1. hmmm… I think you pretty much covered it. Smartwool socks are pretty awesome, but not everyone is as excited as me about getting socks for Christmas. I always have the hardest time shopping for Zed, but I think this list gave me a couple ideas. Thanks!

    • Great ideas! Totally forgot about new socks. And the head lamp is a great idea; G even wears his at home to read with and walk around the dark house sometimes! BTW, loving that picture on your blog header. It’s one of my all-time favs.

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