Home, Sweet (Messy) Home…

We have returned from our family vacation and are slowly getting things back in order. I spent today unpacking, sorting through little souvenirs picked up along the way, and catching up on sleep. I slept for twelve hours last night–from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. I warned G ahead of time that I was not going to get up early this morning, and he was sweet enough to get the household going without me.

Upon arriving home, it was clear that we left in a rush. In light of everything that suddenly went down with our dear Toby, we ended up leaving a day early for our trip. Our family came over and we had an evening together, and then we bolted. It was the best move; nobody wanted to stick around here for one more second.

So, we left and stayed the night at a super nice, cozy, and warm lodge before boarding the plane. Upon our return from Hawaii–once seeing the pouring rain and feeling the cold–we decided we were in no hurry to return home and stayed at the lodge again for one more night to snuggle and relax.

Coming into the house and seeing the kids’ toys spread around, crumbs on the floor, Toby’s toys, bed, food dish, and blanket still out, and piles of laundry in the bedrooms, reminded me how hastily we’d left, for I usually have the house in great order before we go anywhere.

However, I do not regret leaving early and leaving the house as it was. It was good to just get out of town, plus, having all the unpacking, cleaning, vacuuming, and dishes to do has kept me busy today.

Watching the news and catching up on all of the devastation in the south has kept things in perspective. I’m grateful we HAVE a home to return to, unlike so many in the southern part of our nation. I am also grateful that G has delayed his departure for the halibut and blackcod season by a week or two. Eva was thrilled to go to preschool this morning, and I did some filing of household bills. (In so doing, I discovered that I haven’t filed a thing since 2009. I told G I would try to do better this year, lol).

I also had some fun changing up this blog design a bit. I changed the background image, the Twitter badge, played with color, and added a picture of G to the sidebar. I also took out my Facebook profile badge and replaced it with a Facebook logo.

Can you recognize which Kauai beach I’ve used for my background?

Winner gets the prize!

Eva with the adorable little hula dancing girls.

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