Hurry Up and Wait

G is due to leave….45 minutes ago.

So here are some pre-departure pictures. Vincent woke up crying this morning because Daddy is leaving for Alaska without him. Grandpa is going to go to the harbor for the send-off, with the kids’ bikes, to help ease the pain.

Send-off is currently behind schedule…I’m selfishly hoping something happened so I can have one more night with G. Or rather, two more nights, since it is bad luck to leave for a new season on Fridays.




Packing. Bah!


Don't Leave...


Picnic While We Wait For Dad to Leave


You Don't Need That...

Ah, I posted too soon. G arrived home–ready to head out–the moment I clicked “publish.” Here we go. Everything will be fine like it always is!


  1. Awhh! I love those photos. Especially the last one. We saw George spin the boat around in the bay on his way out. We just happened to be at the 15th st house and we saw them!

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