Pictures From “Eva Las Vegas!”

At the airport waiting to go through security.

I’m both happy and relieved to report that none of my fears about traveling to Las Vegas became reality!

We just got home and George is already on his way back to Westport where they are going to finish up hauling in the rest of the crab pots, make one final delivery, and bring the boat home. I can’t believe the stamina and energy G maintains on a regular basis.

We are both so happy that our first family vacation (with all four of us) went perfectly. The kids were great on the airplanes and in the airports, we all had a blast with the Schile relatives, and there was nothing like waking up to sunshine and pools lined with palm trees every morning.

I am so incredibly proud of our little ones. Eva and Vincent walked everywhere, kept smiles on their precious faces, thanked all the cab drivers for the rides, and were the absolute best travelers and vacation participants I could have hoped for.

I plan to write more on my thoughts about Vegas later, but I wanted to get these pictures up and give a shout-out to G for all his hard work and to all the cousins for a fabulous time!!

Dad sending a last minute text while the kids are amazed by the flight attendant opening an overhead bin.

In our first taxi on the way to get something to eat.

75 degrees and Vincent insists on wearing his sweatshirt from Homer, Alaska.

At the Rain Forest restaurant inside the MGM.

Waiting for the canal ride at the Venetian. This time it’s 80 degrees and Vincent insists on wearing his sweatshirt from Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

My babies and me.

At the Wynn before a show. Thanks for a great first family vacation, G!




  1. I guess you can be thankful it wasn’t footed jammies and rainboots!?

    I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on Vegas. After my SIL told me there were go-go dancers in the lobby of their hotel and porno trading cards lying in the gutters I decided I didn’t think I’d want to take my husband or my son there. Looks like you had fun though!

    • Ha ha about the boots and footed jammies! :) No kidding!

      I will def. write more on my thoughts. I was (as you know) so very nervous to go. I was surprised that Vegas seemed to hide the “adult aspect” fairly well. I was expecting a lot more obvious seediness than there was. There was a lot for the kids and mom to do and we were in bed by 9 p.m. every night except one, so we didn’t see the night life.

      The kids were so thrilled with the pool, big hotels, family, the boat ride, balloon man, etc. G did notice the more questionable parts (like the porno cards) but they went right over my head somehow! lol! After the third day I started to wonder where on earth the clubs were that I’d always heard about because I hadn’t seen any. Apparently we just walked right past them in the various hotels without realizing!

      I did shuffle the kids quickly past the smoke/gambling but since they are so young they didn’t notice anything. I do think if they were around 10 and older it would be different and I’d have worried more. But overall I sure enjoyed the sunshine, activity, music, and all the architecture!

  2. I am so glad you had a great time! We couldn’t get there due to the computer meltdown that Alaska suffered Saturday, but sure hope to do something with you guys soon!

    The picture on the plane looks a lot like First Class — did you splurge? :)

    • I know! Several of G’s relatives were delayed by that computer glitch!

      That was first class…however did you guess that? :)

      There’s still Hawaii and The Great Wolf Lodge coming up!! Let’s try for those!

  3. Or the Dalmatian costume, or the Laker’s pj’s. That was our oldest. Drew has his cowboy hat look that he rocked with sweats and his roper boots. Thank you ever so much for letting my take a peak at your family and remembering our boys in there littler days. I’m telling you, 6’4″ comes awfully quickly.

    Hey do you know of any guys looking for a Bristol Bay deck hand this summer? Drew is looking for a job. And we want him to work for someone besides Dad.

    Take Care!!!

    • Sooo funny!! I just love the way little ones dress. I just let them wear what they want and admire their creativity and confidence! It’s so cute and I know it will pass all too quickly. Vegas would not have been nearly as much fun without them. I relished their excitement at each thing we did and each place we visited…especially the way they ran down the hotel corridor, stopping at each door to ask “Is this our room?” and then laughing when I said “No” and running ahead again to the next door.

      I’ll ask around about Bristol Bay! :)

      Thanks so much for your comment! I do treasure these moments, knowing far too well that they will soon be grown…

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