The 300th Post!!

I thought we were done celebrating this season. We celebrated the tenth year of George and I meeting…celebrated our tenth New Year’s Eve together…and celebrated the third anniversary of this blog.

What could possibly be left?

Oh, of course.

As my WordPress statistics page pointed out, this post will be number 300.


I’ve written 300 posts in three years. Let me grab my iPhone calculator and break it down: 100 posts a year. Eight posts a month. Two posts a week.

I remember the first day I decided upon the focus for this blog. I raced down to the harbor to tell G and Brett.

I’m using the above picture to celebrate since it shows the five people I blog most about. I have to thank G, Brett, and Bryan for letting me chase them around, posing for pictures, and letting me use their images the past three years. B and B are very private people and I’m sure they would have preferred to have NO blog constantly writing about their livelihood and posting their pictures. Still, they let me do it.

Thanks, you guys. You are the brothers I always wanted but never had. G, you are the greatest, most encouraging, patient, hilarious sport and husband in the world.

Love you all and here’s to the next 300 posts…


  1. Congrats on the milestone Jen,thats a lot of writing and I for one have enjoyed your blog since I found it.

    On my way to Tunica Ms to go duck hunting for a few days,see you went I get back.

    • Thanks Ronnie! And thank you for reading the blog and leaving comments. Reading comments is one of the most exciting things about blogging. I appreciate your participation and conversation!

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