The Day Before Departure

It’s the day before G and the crew leave for Alaska and the blackcod/halibut longlining season. The crew showed up on Monday and they’ve been working hard getting the boat ready to go. I’m not exactly sure what they’ve done besides put the shack on and load all the groceries because I haven’t made it down to the harbor yet this week.

I normally have plenty of time to get down there, but the week before a big season like this is always hectic on both ends and time just got away. Last year, George was gone from June until October catching our quota. The quota was reduced a bit this year, so I hope that he catches it quick and makes it home before the summer is totally over. That was a long stint last year, even for me, who was born into this life.

I think I’ve got the kids’ summer schedule pretty well planned. A couple of mornings and a couple of afternoons of activities for them each week, and the rest of time free to play with Mommy and go for walks, play on the slip ‘n slide, and go to the lake. They’ll have swimming lessons in August, and I’m going to sign Eva up for a mini art camp. They are also extremely excited to go visit our dear friends who live a few hours away to play and swim in their big outdoor pool. I’m looking forward to that trip myself!

As for me, I can’t wait to attend Bloggy Boot Camp in June and the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association conference in August. I think the children and I have a nice balance of things to keep us moving along without Dad; plenty of activity and plenty of downtime. Now if the sun would finally come out and stay for a while, that would be perfect!

Oh, I almost forgot. I signed up to foster dogs through our local no-kill shelter. George and I fostered many dogs before we had children, and in fact, that is how we were lucky enough to meet and adopt our beloved pitbull Toby, whom you all know recently passed away. I’m not going to foster young, energetic dogs or puppies, however. I’m not up for that at this time.

I told the shelter that I’d prefer senior dogs or dogs recovering from trauma or surgery. Basically, dogs that just want a warm bed on which to sleep, a pat on the head, and a good meal. I also have a very special place in my heart for pitbulls. So if the right fit comes along, I’m looking forward to honoring Toby’s life and memory by taking in a needy dog. It will also be good company for Mandy.

Okay. Off to pick Eva up from preschool and clean the house for our last night all together as a fishing family for the next few months. Will be back with departure day pictures tomorrow night! Have a wonderful and peaceful day.


  1. I really hope those out of town friends with the pool would be us! And I hope you have scheduled in several trips here over the summer!

    Give G. our love and our best. And much more of the same to you and the kids!


    • Thank you so much!! And you ARE in fact our “out of town friends with the big pool,” lol! Don’t you love the way I’m just planning my trip to your house without even consulting you first? :)

      I wanted to ask you to go to Bloggy Boot Camp, too. It’s June 4 and it’s going to be awesome. It only goes to a few major cities each year and reviews on it are really good. Plus we can stay at a hotel and they have a cocktail hour. :)

  2. ah how i can remember those summers where mom got lee and i all signed up for 100 different camps, classes, and programs to keep us busy (or out of trouble as i figured). kudos to you for doing that for your kids. im 29 and can still have vague yet good memories of my summer days! kudos also to you for being “available” to dogs who need some love. chance and i have adopted 3 dogs now-all who came from a humane society of some sort. we need more folks out there who are willing to even foster those hard to adopt dogs as you have chosen. i send my blessings to you and George and the crew!!!!

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