Welcome Back, Blog! Lookin’ Good!

And without further ado….my brand new, overhauled, and redesigned blog! :)

In the next post I will describe the—oftentimes, hilarious—process it took to get here, and I can’t wait. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I worked with a professional web designer who took time out of a busy schedule working with real websites to work on a less serious project like this, with a less serious person like me. It was a good time and I love the results. I will have a lot more flexibility with this new theme and several more options when it comes to the way I publish my posts. I love the freedom!

You’ll notice, of course, the brand new header. We also redesigned the sidebar, changed fonts, added the footer (scroll all the way to the bottom to see that), added the social media icons at the top, changed my profile picture (it’s a little too formal, I know, but I had the last one up for a long time and needed to switch it up). We added a new “Blogging since 2007” widget and created a soothing blue color scheme. I will go into more detail in the next post about the creative and literal process we took.

Most of the fishing pictures you see in and around the blog are by professional East Coast photographer David Hills, who will soon have his very own custom widget in the sidebar. From there you will be able to access his website and order your very own commercial fishing calendars, prints, and anything else you want. He has thousands of photographs of many boats and different fisheries, and his work is amazing. He is incredibly kind to let me use his work throughout this blog the way that I do, and I am grateful.

And quickly, in other news….

I spoke with G briefly a couple of days ago for the first time in ten days and he sounded good, the way he always does; steady and ready to go fishing. I asked how Oscar, the new guy, was hanging in.

“He’s doing just fine,” George said. “And his meals are really good.”

“Wait,” I said.

“Did you just say he heels really good?”

“His meals are really good!” G said.

“Oh!” I said, dissolving into laughter. “Ha ha! I thought you said he heels really good!”

Of course, I felt G rolling his eyes through the iPhone. I was still laughing the next morning when I called George again just to leave message reiterating how funny it was. Hey, I’ve spent the last ten days alone with small children and dogs. Can you blame me?

Speaking of dogs, we have our first foster dog here with us. His name is Willy. He was abandoned in a garage without a leash, collar, toys, love, or anything. The poor thing was just a mess, matted in poop. He was supposedly a “beloved family pet,” but I don’t know who treats a beloved family member like that.

We are working on house manners and basic commands. Having spent the six years of his life running wild on ten acres, he is learning to walk on a leash, go through a doggy door, “sit,” “load up,” and wait patiently for meals. He is such a sweet boy, eager to please, and tries very hard to do so. He is welcome to stay as long as he needs to find his perfect forever family.

Sweet Willy the Foster Dog

Willy's good with kids

I think Willy is really tired from running wild on ten acres for six years. Poor baby.


    • Thank you both! You make me smile! Gypsy, I was so scared to do it. We practiced on a fake blog first and then took my real blog down for a week until I felt comfortable enough to go “live” again. It was scary but a good scary! :)

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