What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

Last month, I let my five-year-old Eva borrow my digital camera to take pictures around the house. When I got the camera back and viewed the photos and videos she’d taken, I was rather impressed at the slices of life she captured. I’m including some of her photos in this post.

As for the WordPress prompt on what I’d like to be remembered for, it’s simple.

I love being a writer and having my words published. I hope that what I’ve written (and will write) sheds light on our world of commercial fishing families and beyond, and will entertain and educate for years to come. I also enjoy teaching Jazzercise and the rush of being on stage, sweating and burning calories and hopefully entertaining my students.

But most of all, I want to be remembered for being a good mom.

While I lack in many areas, I hope that my children will always know they are loved through both my word and deed. I hope they remember every morning that we snuggle together in the overstuffed rocker with their sippy cups of  milk/chocolate milk and my mug of coffee. I hope they remember our nights reading in bed and falling asleep together.

I want them to remember the way I took them to ballet and gymnastics and marveled at all of their movements, whether graceful or awkward. I hope they look at the scrapbooks, photo albums, baby books, and journals we’ve kept, and enjoy the moments and phrases that melted Mommy’s heart through the years. That the only thing I ever wanted was to have them and be with them and went through heck and beyond to make that happen.

I am not a perfect mom. I can’t cook, and I have terrible anxiety. But I do the very best I can.

Ultimately, I want my children to know and remember that they are valued. Like my friend Judy Miller writes to her children: You matter. You are loved.

Here are some of Eva’s pictures:

Thanks for reading!


  1. I know it. Her pictures were unbelievable. And I didn’t even realize the camera took videos until I got it back and looked through all her work!

    She took a series of head shots of herself like the one I included here, all with different expressions. I’m thinking of getting a horizontal frame that holds five pictures and displaying the different photos side by side.

    I’m glad you got a laugh!

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