Whatever You Want, Dear…

G and the guys got all the gear out in spite of horrendous weather and no sleep. In addition, the “soak period” was reduced this year by 24 hours, so they got absolutely no sleep in between setting gear, dumping pots, crossing the bar twice, and fighting weather before they needed to go bring it all back up again.

Now, G is a very amiable, easy-going husband. I don’t ask for much, and he doesn’t say no to much. If anything, he only asks me “If I’m really sure” about my decisions, or lovingly says “This is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Hon,” when my ideas don’t pan out.

It’s sort of our routine. Well, just last night, I made a request of G via cell phone. It was not an earth-shattering request (I didn’t suggest another baby or announce I was going to buy the Acura SUV I have my eye on). It was about a check from Christmas past that I discovered recently and the way I wanted to use it.

So I called G. A sleepy, worn out, exhausted, spent-to-the-limit G.

“I don’t care, Hon,” he said. “…whatever you want…if that’s what you want…sounds good to me…go for it….I really need to go back to sleep now…”

I haven’t heard from my husband today but am sure he stands by what he said….ha!


  1. This sounds very familiar. I often get the response, whatever makes you happy. When you are happy, I am happy. Oh, the perks of being a fisherman’s wife. A husband with a guilty-conscience from being gone so much leads to me nearly always getting my way in other areas of life.

    • Amanda, you are hilarious. I never thought about it like that! And I bet too that after battling weather, prices, politics, gear, and other boats for months on end, the last thing they want is to battle at home. Hence…this works out in our favor. Very interesting concept!

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