When Your Fisherman Leaves And You’re Sad…

Here are ten helpful tips I’ve come up with that have helped me get by in these first two days since George left for the halibut and blackcod season this last time around!  Normally it is not that big of a deal when he leaves. We miss him of course, but we are used to it as part of the way we live. This time was just a bit different as G did not have hardly any time off in between seasons and of course, we are missing both G and Toby this time and that is all new. Anyway, here are my personal tips…

Jen’s Tips:

  1. If you have to get up the next day and get going, get up and get going. I knew that Eva had preschool early the morning after George steamed out of the harbor, so I set the alarm and we just got up and got to it. There was no other choice, and it was important for Eva to stick to her schedule and see her friends.
  2. Get your exercise. After we dropped Eva off at preschool, Vincent and I went directly to Jazzercise. I was tired, sad, and felt like a ton of lead, but it was equally important for Vincent and I to see our friends and for me to hear good music, have some laughs, and get some endorphins moving. (Thanks, Cutzi!)
  3. Clean. I love to clean. I find the white noise of the vacuum cleaner comforting and the folding of laundry therapeutic.
  4. Stick to your plans. As much as you want to cancel your appointments and the things you have lined up, don’t. You’ll feel good that you are moving forward and accomplishing things already all on your own.
  5. Go grocery shopping. The kids and I went shopping and filled the fridge and cupboards with good and healthy food. We even received compliments at the store regarding how much we picked out and how well behaved and helpful the kids were! And now we have plenty of milk, orange juice, cucumbers, and meat.
  6. Put a status update on Facebook. I updated my status and posted a picture of the boat leaving and was immediately warmed by the encouragement and well wishes I received in return.
  7. Have a friend as back up. When I returned home from the harbor, my friend Lisa was already here. She helped with my dog Mandy and was good company to us all until she had to go.
  8. Don’t drink extra glasses of wine. You may think you’re doing okay, but that extra glass could send you in a direction you don’t want to go. Not that I would know anything about that. :)
  9. Make a big bowl of fresh buttered popcorn and curl up on the couch to catch up on 90210 on the DVR. I was a fan of the original 90210 and I will go ahead and admit that even at my age, I’m a fan of the new one, too! The combination of popcorn and 90210 always makes me feel better. Just ask George!
  10. Hug your kids. Laugh at the funny things they do and say. If you don’t feel well, let them spend time away so you can think and get organized. Love them and kiss them. Be proud of them. Feel grateful for your whole family, your friends, and all of the people you interact with each day who love you and support your family’s lifestyle.


  1. Number 9 is my life-saver. I wait for Mike to leave before I watch all of my girly shows and movies. That way, I almost feel like it is my one thing to look forward to about him leaving.

    • That’s really true! It does help. And, for the first time in at least two years, I actually woke up sick yesterday, too, so it was the perfect excuse to hit the couch for an all-day Dateline marathon. I’m not feeling much better today, either, so it looks like the couch again and a couple more Datelines with a 20/20 thrown in for good measure! :)

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