After Five Months, Just Four More Days.

We went another couple of weeks without hearing from George. I knew I would hear from him eventually, and I did today.

After three months alone with the kids, and only one week spent as a family since January, George called bearing good news—he is on his way home.

We have only spent one week together since January. That’s five months ago!

And, that is without Skype, FaceTime, or any other “fancy” means of communication….including a cell phone most of the time. George fishes in remote areas and we do not have access to those means of communication.

And when he does come into port, he and the crew are busy unloading and getting ready to head out to sea again, and there just is never any—or enough—time.

George sounded really good when I talked to him briefly today, and I was thrilled to tell the kids that their dad will be home in about four days.

I have been telling Eva and Vincent for the past five months that Daddy would be home “in the summer.” Ironically, it now seems as though George will be home, literally, on the first day of summer.

I don’t normally toot my own horn, but I am proud. We did it. The children and I made it through. We made it through gymnastics and ballet and homework and shopping and meals and baths.

We got back to Jazzercise and learned how to cook and finished kindergarten projects. We brushed teeth and said prayers and went to sleep and woke up the next morning.

We even integrated a brand-new baby into the family.

Now, it will be time to acclimate as a whole family. Not as one mother with three children, but one mother and a father with three children.

I do look forward to a wonderful summer together as a whole and complete family of five. I can’t wait for George to get home and for the family and summer fun to begin. George has not been home for an entire summer in probably ten years.

I am excited for Vincent to get to do “boy things” with his dad, and Eva to be able to shower another someone with her hugs and kisses, and for Valerie to get to know her dad.

Whew, that’s a lot. I do believe we will take it moment by moment.


  1. I have been there! Kids are now 20 (away at college) 17 & 14. Husband still gone not quite half the year at sea, although he works for the State of Alaska now, not commercial fishing. i have butterflies for you!! LOL it’s good and there is always adjusting to do too! Thanks for your blog, nice to know other families live like we did, do? It’s a lot easier now, 1 less kid and 1 to help drive. Now my husband has access all sorts of ways of communicating…not like the ‘old days’ of once every week or 2 over KMI where the whole fleet could hear!

  2. Happy for you Jen. My husband finally made it home this week after over 6 months. As I have mentioned we have 3yr old twins(almost 4!) and a 6yr old son who happens to have autism. I have become chop livvva to the girls, I think my son is the only one who remembers I am here. Dreading the first week of August when Daddy heads back to AK for king crab. Trying to make the best of the little bit of time we have though. We are discussing him retiring in a few years after over 20 on the Bering Sea. I think he has served his time :)

  3. Thank you for your comments! Each one made me smile and even chuckle. I think when I actually see George, either on the boat coming into the harbor or on the dock, I will just collapse from relief and excitement. I don’t think I’ve been this excited in years. Makes me feel so much younger!

    I just kept saying to myself, “You can make it until summer. Look forward to summer. Summer. Summer.”

    Can’t believe it’s “finally” here. And Amy—I’m with you. After over twenty years, I think G is looking to slow down his fishing and time out west and north by a bit. Time goes too fast and the kids are so little—and as you’ve said, time served!

    Unalaska Mom, I know it. I remember when my dad would call ship to shore and we always had to remember the whole fleet can listen in! lol. I wish we could take advantage of these “new” communication tools, but I can barely even get G to call home. I think we’ve talked three times in the last three months!

    This was a longer haul than usual because G did not take any time off in between crabbing and longlining (except for the aforementioned week, which was actually spent preparing to leave and doing taxes). He usually takes four to six weeks off in between.

    But I just kept saying…we can make it until summer! :)

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