I Love My Crew of Three

Bye bye, Dungeness crab pots. See you in another seven months!

Our Dungeness crab season 2012 has come to an end. The season picked up midway through, so G and the crew ended up fishing longer than we all expected.  Upon their return, the sun came out for a couple of days which was perfect for all the gear work they do to wrap up the crab season and get ready for the halibut and blackcod longline season.

The kids love nothing more than to go visit with Daddy and the gang down at the harbor, so we spent some time down there and G let the kids ride along with him on the forklift, putting the crab pots away and bringing out the longlining tubs.

The switch into the next commercial fishing season is going to be quick; G will have one week at home before leaving for Alaska. Once he goes, we won’t see him again until summer. That’s over three months that I will have alone as a mother of two young children and one infant.

Pizza with the crew.

Crab pots put away, longline tubs come out.

I am a little nervous about the months ahead of me, but I managed to make it through the crab season pretty much the same way (solo) so I’ll just take it one day at a time like I always do and not look too far ahead. I’m hoping the sun will come out and that it won’t rain for the next three months, because that would really help things.

The kids and I have settled into a pretty good routine that works well if nothing else is added to it, like an outside obligation or a sickness. Being the only parent on hand and in charge of all medications, laundry, meals, clean up, activities, and school stuff  for three children 24/7  is doable, but only if I pace myself. For the next three months, I will attempt to not take on other obligations other than the most important one right in front of me; being a strong and happy mother of three children while Daddy is gone. We’ve done well so far and I’m proud of all of us, so I know we will do just fine in the weeks and months ahead.

I actually love having three children! I laugh to myself quite often, especially in the car, when I have all three of them with me. It feels surreal; like I’m driving a small bus full of little people, and it cracks me up. And at home, there is always somebody doing something, or saying something, or drawing something, that either warms my heart or makes me laugh. There’s a warm little baby for me to hold, three little ones around for me to hug and smother with kisses, and say “I love you!” to.

So, we will enjoy this last week with G, and then it’s onward and upward. The children and I will get by with a little help from our friends…and my parents…and my sisters…and my blog friends…and my Facebook friends…and sunshine…and…knowing we’ll have the summer ahead to spend with Dad!

Happy Two Months, Valerie!


  1. I so can understand. My husband is gone 4 months at a time twice a year. I am a single mother for those times to my 6yr old son who has autism and my 3yr old twins. My twins were 1 month old when he left for work one season and we had just found out that my son could have autism at the same time. ROUGHNESS!! You can do it though. Don’t know how, but us Mothers find the strength!! Still waiting on my hubby this season. Usually he would be home by next week but he says they have another month or so till they meet their king crab quota :( It gets really hard when the girls are asking for their daddy many times a day. They don’t understand…..Hope you are well! Amy

    • Thank you, Amy! I so appreciate the encouragement and empathy. We really do find the strength. And one thing to be said is we are never bored and there is always something going on, especially with three kids and special challenges. I’ve found these weeks have been flying by faster than I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, though; I feel like these precious days of little ones are slipping away before my very eyes. Is your husband getting closer to getting the quota? I hope he is already on his way home sooner than he thought! That would be a nice surprise for you all!

      • Unfortunately not. Just spoke with him yesterday and they are up in some ice and twiddling their thumbs till they can start fishing again. He said another 30 days. Hard to think about the fact that last year he was home yesterday. :( Keepin on staying strong in the struggle!

        • Oh man, that is so disappointing. There is nothing worse than twiddling thumbs, waiting on weather. Especially for us at home, waiting! I am concerned that the same thing will happen when G gets up there, too, and it is such a waste of time! Ugh. Better to be safe in the harbor than out pounding ice off rigging with baseball bats, but still. Yes, stay strong!

  2. Hey Jen,

    Great blog! I love the way you tell your story of your man leaving to go out to sea.

    As a fishermen myself, since I am the one who is always doing the leaving, I’ve never really stopped and thought too much about what it is like to be the one left on land keeping the home fires burning. Of course, being that I am a woman, no man is going admit to feeling like you do, but I wonder if they do……

    • Jen, hilarious. You should interview your bf and see what his take is. That would be SO interesting to read! What a change of perspective.

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