Hang On, Vincent. Daddy’s On His Way.

Last week, my four-year-old son, Vincent, came and stood beside me in the kitchen.

“You are good at cooking and making people feel better, Mommy,” he told me.

Stunned and pleased (primarily in part because he thought I was a good cook), I leaned down and gave him a little hug.

“Well, thank you, Vincent. What a nice thing to say!” I replied.

“But Daddy knows way more than you do,” he finished.


Vincent went on to name all of the things that Daddy can do that Mommy cannot. I laughed and was not offended in the least; on the contrary, I was happy that Vincent remembers and thinks so highly of his dad who is away working so hard to support all of us.

Just tonight, Vincent came up to me and said he wanted to pray for all of the people who were gone.

“The people who have gone to Heaven, or the people who are just not at home?” I asked.

“All of them,” he said.

“Okay, we will pray for them at bedtime,” I said.

“No. Now.” Vincent replied.

So, we joined Eva in my bathroom where she was taking a bath. We held hands and prayed for Daddy on the boat. We prayed for Grandma and Grandpa who had been in Hawaii but were now at home.

We prayed for sweet Toby, our brindle pit bull, who died at this time last year. We prayed again for dear baby Esther, who joined Jesus within a month of her birth.

Later, I will thank God that I have a little boy who is so sweet and thoughtful. I will pray that when his daddy gets home, there will be plenty of “boy time” for them to ride on forklifts, fix things with wrenches and hammers, and go fishing together.

It can’t be easy for Vincent, who is a little boy in the middle of two sisters, the only grandson or nephew on either side, with only girl cousins, surrounded by women all the time. We are grateful for Grandpa, who comes by often in his Ford diesel to pick up Vincent and spend quality time with him when Daddy is gone.

I cannot wait for my Vincent to spend a wonderful summer with his dad, giggling and talking as they repair things at home and play together at the pool.

Only two weeks left, and Vincent’s wish will come true.

Daddy will be home.



    • Thank you, Heather! How cool to see you here! Thanks for reading and for your friendship. You are great with my kids and with me! I love our Wednesday chats!!

  1. This brought tears to my eyes–As lee had the same situation and if it wasn’t for Uncle Vic and Grandpa George he would never had had a “male” figure :) thanks Jenn

    • I think it is so tough when a little fellow doesn’t get to spend enough time with his dad! I know that Vincent just loves to carry around his tools and put on his hard hat, wants to fix everything and play like a little boy should! Unfortunately, I only have “girly” jobs for him, like folding wash cloths and cleaning windows! lol. I am grateful that Grandpa Jack is here to fill in the gap when Daddy is gone. He and Vincent have a very special bond. Which means a lot to me, because I was not very close with any of my grandparents!

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